Monday Music: 11/11/13

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Album of the week
Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Three albums have changed my perception of music this year: Yeezus, Pure Heroine, and MMLP2. Heavily billed as the sequel to Eminem’s genre-defining 2000 album, MMLP2 has the rapper returning to the rap styles that won him a generation of fans. Apart from the reappearance of Stan’s vengeful brother in on the opening track and the odd verbal reference, this follow-up has enough variety and freshness to stand alone. A weekend of heavy rotation has shown MMLP2 to share more production and stylistic similarities with 2002’s under-appreciated The Eminem Show, which is a good thing because it means the Slim Shady alter ego gets limited airplay. Bottom line, MMLP2 is the best thing Eminem has done in the last decade and will easily make any person’s top three albums of 2013.

MH recommends:
Survival wins the battle of the lead singles, eclipsing Berzerk for content and style, and narrowly pips Rap God at the post by not having that irritating horn (the third verse speed-up is still one of the best rhymes you’ll hear in your life). Depending on what you like, this album is littered with awesome, but Rhyme Or Reason is Em at the height of his powers.

Get the Deluxe Edition on iTunes for R140

On our radar
Childish Gambino
You know that sinking feeling when your hipster fetish gets playlisted on 5FM? That’s what happened with Donald Glover’s (Troy from Community) rap persona. The actor/award-winning screenwriter (Writers Guild of America awards for his contribution to 30 Rock) is also a successful stand-up comedian, music producer and rapper.
Check out YouTube for his older stuff and get some respect for the man.

Muscle Music
Wu-Tang Clan – Protect Ya Neck
Celebrate 20 years of the Wu-Tang Clan by dripping some sweat in their honour. Also, there’s supposedly a new album coming out soon.

Download for R7 on iTunes