Make A Killing At A Garage Sale

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Now that you’ve de-cluttered the garage, finally ditch your junk and collect some mad cash with help from Trish Suhr, garage sale expert for the Style Network’s Clean


Know when to sell

Shoppers are always on the lookout for collectibles and big-ticket items. Attract them by setting out the big-ticket stuff – electronics, workout equipment, furniture – close to the street. Treat your lawn like a department store and arrange like items together.

Draw big spenders

Advertise your sale on Facebook, Twitter and online sites like Gumtree. Choose wording that enhances perceived value: “mint condition”, “vintage” and “collectible” items will draw a bigger turnout.

Bundle ’em up

Shoppers will often spring for several smaller items if they believe they’re scoring a package deal. Fill bins with small toys and let the kids fill zip-top bags for 20 bucks. Or if you see someone eyeing a coffee table, say you’ll throw in the five CDs she’s holding. She’ll be putty in your hands!

Let them haggle

If you refuse to budge on price, you’ll risk the sale. Know your true bottom line. For example, ask R300 for a R500 bike in great condition, but let the buyer negotiate it down to R175.