Jumpstart Your Winter

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Accomplish these tasks before noon to jump-start your career .Sure, you’ll be tired. But that’s what naps are for


Rehydrate with water or tea and some melon, which is packed with water and is easy to digest. “Tea is loaded with antioxidants that’ll help repair the damage done the night before,” says registered dietician Dave Grotto. To protect against diarrhoea, have a banana or an apple– they slow down digestion. A bowl of puffed rice with milk goes down easy too.


Play one of your new CDs while exercising. Associating music with activity will motivate you.


Perform some bodyweight exercises every day. Or at least do a set of push-ups. Little changes lead to lasting habits.


Try a chapter of an inspiring memoir or biography, like Never Die Easy, by Walter Payton. You get a life lesson – without the struggle.


Put your goals down on paper. Harvard once asked its MBA graduates if they’d written down career plans. Only three percent had. Ten years later, those three percent were making 10 times as much as the other grads.

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