How To Save A Dead-Drunk Buddy

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Need to deal with a drunk? Do this.

Assume the position
If your friend is co-operative, Dr Jason Prystowsky, an ER doctor, recommends placing him in the recovery position: lying on his side, knees up, with his head on its side as well (so he doesn’t aspirate vomit). You’ll need to keep checking him to make sure the worst doesn’t happen.

“Bed” rhymes with “dead”
If he can’t be awakened, don’t put him to bed to “sleep it off”. “He should be monitored in a clinical setting,” Prystowsky says. “Call an ambulance, or if there’s a sober driver, take him to a hospital.”

If drugs are involved…
Alcohol’s effects are amplified when it’s combined with anxiety or pain meds. If that’s your friend’s case, wake him hourly, says Prystowsky. If he can’t be roused, take him to an ER.

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