How To Kill A Mosquito

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This summer… There will be blood

Just make it clap

Fluid dynamics experts say the best way to swat a mosquito is to slap it with both hands. Unless you have the stealth and precision of Mr Miyagi, a one-handed swat will fail to crush the critter. The best option is to slap your hands together with the mosquito in-between. The clapping motion will force dual columns of air together to create a larger “dead water” region to trap the mosquito as your hands meet. Here, your timing and aim don’t have to be quite as deadly as with the one-handed swat.

Scratch the surface

You can also wait until the mozzie lands onto a flat, hard surface like a wall or furniture. A solid surface will block the wind-flow caused by your swatting hand and will create that handy dead water region to trap the bug.

Gimme some skin

Mosquitos are suckers for skin. Literally and metaphorically. Tempt them with an exposed arm, neck or leg, wait until one lands and then strike at it. They are less likely to fly away while they are tucking into you.

Suck it up

For a blood-free extermination you can use a portable, hand-held vacuum cleaner to slurp the little bugger up. Make sure you do this when the mosquito is on an object that can’t be accidentally sucked up.