How To Get Served Quicker

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Treating your bartender right is the key to a great night out

#1 Be patient

Being patient for the 
first round is the key to an enjoyable evening, whether the bar is visibly “busy” when you walk in or not. Other things outside your purview – shift changes, for instance – may result in slow service of your first drink. 
A little patience goes a long way in these crucial first moments.

#2 Be ready

Always be ready to pay when you order. Ideally, have your money visible. This could even get you served a little faster. Don’t wait until the drinks are made and your server has totalled up your round before you take your wallet out. Fishing for money not only wastes your server’s time, but other patron’s time and annoys others waiting for their drink orders to be taken.

#3 Tip high

Tipping higher at the 
first round may help ensure the bartender comes back to you quicker the next time 
you come back. It also may ensure future rounds will have a bit more alcohol if ordering mixed drinks. Be careful though: your tip from the first round will quickly be forgotten. It is far better, in the long run, to tip as consistently as possible.