How To Ace Your Picnic Date

Men's Health |

So you got a girl to agree to your picnic date. Good man. Here’s how you’re going to ace it.

1. Time It Right
Schedule a mid-afternoon or early evening date. She won’t feel pretty if her dress is sticking to her back in the sweltering noonday sun. And don’t forget to pack a quilt or thick blanket; neither of you wants to sit on the damp ground.

2. Explore!
Do your research to find a spot she hasn’t seen before; you’ll seem like an adventurous guy. Try a secluded beach or the roof of a friend’s house. If you go to a park, bypass the designated picnicking areas and find a more private shaded area instead.

3. Nail The Details
Bring a proper picnic basket – it’ll be a lot classier than a cooler box. Make sure it includes a corkscrew, hardwood chopping board and some cloth serviettes.

4. Eat Light
Limit your alfresco menu to finger foods. Some small sandwiches or a trio of cheeses paired with crackers and fruit are easy and simple. For dessert, go with some gourmet cookies, macaroons or a bar of dark chocolate.

5. Sip Seasonal Drinks
Bring a premixed cocktail in an insulated container. Try a Negroni or a cocktail with lemon – both are refreshing on a summer day. Or select a white or Rosé wine that’s not overly sweet. Avoid reds – they stain clothes and blankets.

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