Grow Bigger Like This

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Are you longing for a longer willy? Er…it might just be a blow away – literally. In a new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researchers asked 1 600 men to measure their own penis size by offering them custom-fitted condoms as a promotion, believing this would ensure that they truthfully report the actual size of their penises.
Men in the study were also asked the circumstances around them achieving erections before measurement. Average measurements were 14, 15cm (5, 57 inches) in length and circumference averaged on 12, 23cm (4, 81 inches).
Turns out men who were stimulated orally by their partners before measurement had significantly longer penis length than men stimulating themselves or fantasizing without direct touch.
Authors of the study say this may be due to a higher degree of arousal reached when interacting with a partner. What are you waiting for? Get Better Blow Jobs now!

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