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Our September issue comes bagged with a free CD, Men’s Health Beats – Music For Muscles, and this is why you need it…


Bono was right when he said music could change people. Research from Brunel University found an inspirational soundtrack can cut your perceived effort during exercise by 10%. And synchronising your heart rate with the beat gives you an extra push, helping you transform your body faster without feeling like you’re working harder.

Here, Total Fitness Music have devised the precise bpm you need for the perfect gut-busting interval session and top DJ Judge Jules has hand- picked your essential 60 minute mix to match the science.

After warming up for 6 minutes, go for alternating intervals. Start with four high-intensity minutes where you’re targeting a heart rate of 150bpm before active recovery for the next four minutes at 110 bpm. Repeat six times, then cool down for four minutes.


Running order with music bpm (note: not target heart rate)

1. Andrew Galea ‘The Night’ (Warm Up Mix) 100bpm – 110bpm

2. Fred Mill ‘Breakin A Sweat’ 123bpm

3. Riley & Durrant feat. Dirty Secret ‘Bump The House’ 128bpm

4. James Backstrom ‘My House’ 130bpm

5. Madison ‘Get Deep’ 125bpm

6. Solasso ‘Miami Bound’ 132bpm

7. Jerry Rekonius ‘10th’ 127bpm

8. Andrew Galea ‘The Night’ (Pumped Up Mix) 134bpm

9. Power Principle ‘Raw Energy’ 129bpm

10. Dino Lenny ‘Monte Cassino Symphony’ 136bpm

11. DJ Kikx ‘Higher & Higher’ 131bpm

12. Jose Amnesia ‘Out Of Memory’ 138bpm

13. Vegas Baby ‘Take Cover’ 133bpm

14. Ben Gold ‘Pandemic’ 128bpm – 115bpm


One of dance music’s few genuine household names, Judge Jules has provided weekend soundtracks on BBC Radio One since 1997.

A DJ, producer and starmaker, his 20-year career includes his club night Judgement Sundays at Eden in Ibiza and his audience is now global, thanks to his internationally syndicated radio show, The Global Warm Up.