Fix It With Brainpower

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Problem: You’re Feeling Depressed


Give to charity. University of Oregon scientists have found that doing good deeds can give you the same sort of satisfaction you derive from
stuffing your face with sweets or enjoying a bit of banter with a friend. So explain why the tin-rattlers outside shops don’t look happier…

Problem: You’ve Too Many Vices


Get some sleep. Boffins at the University of Pittsburgh reckon a lack of sleep can turn you to drink, drugs and maybe even rock ’n roll. They discovered that people who suffered from frequent nightmares, had
trouble nodding off or regularly got less than eight hours a night
were far more likely to hit the bottle or take up smoking, possibly
to deal with the added stress on their systems caused by
a lack of sleep.

Problem: Your Relationship’s Rocky


Do the dishes.Professor Heather Patrick of the University of Rochester has discovered that small sacrifices, such as doing the dishes for your
partner, are key to maintaining a good relationship. She believes
that this is because these selfsacrificing acts are considered
“pro relationship behaviour” by the spouse who then in turn feels
closer to their other half. However, this only works if you genuinely
want to make the sacrifice.

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