Do This in Durban

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Mathew Kieser is lucky enough to travel the world buying clothing for a living. When he’s back home in Durban you can find him at the following spots…


Unity Brasserie and Bar
Shop 4, Silvervause Centre, 117 Vause Road, Musgrave
031 201 3470

This is the new venture from the husband and wife duo of Sean and Marcelle that bought you the famous Café 1999 who have teamed up with Guy Woods owner of another Durban favourite Bean Bag Bohemia. Great ‘real’ beer and a pub menu cooked with the same attention to detail and sophistication that keeps ’99 busy every night of the week. If you want a great wholesome meal or a good couple drinks this is definitely the place to be. Upmarket enough to make you feel good about yourself but reasonable menu keeps the wallet happy. Go for the bangers and mash a pint and some friends.


The Concierge Hotel

This hotel really offers something unique to the guest. A boutique hotel situated in Morningside Durban that’s just a short walk to busy Florida road and five minutes from the beachfront and stadium. Egg designs teamed up with Neil Roake to create these “urban bungalows” as they have dubbed them. From the big black fibre-glass Daschund that greets you as you walk in, to the two red containers that make up the hotel’s Freedom café.


The Stock Market

This recently opened up above Vida e caffe in Florida Road. It’s a gentleman’s store dressed up as a gentleman’s club. When I first walked in I almost felt out of place without a whisky and cigar. But that’s not why you come here… Alexander McQueen and Puma collaborations, the latest from GANT, Italian suits and anything else you might need is why you will walk into this store and walk out better dressed.


190 Stamford hill road Durban.

Below street level in a grimy area of Durban you will find booze, foosball, ping pong and free popcorn. This is Durban’s new place for bands to come and show the East Coast what they are made of. Shadow Club, City Bowl Mizers, Taxi Violence, Farryl Purkiss, Holiday Murray, Desmond and the Tutus have all played here to a welcoming audience. Various local DJ’s play a great mix of old and new favourites when there aren’t big name bands around. This is about as hipster as Durban gets, but nevertheless a good night out.

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