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When Serisha Letchmiah is away from her hometown the main causes of her 031-FOMO are…


Hotel Britannia (The Sports Bar)
1299 Umgeni Road,031 303‑2266

I have memories being the only girl child at what was once a dive affectionally called “Brits” which was visited almost exclusively by Indian men in suits after work. My dad would take me along especially during English Premier League football season to watch the games and eat some of the most talked about curries in town. As a 12-year old tomboy nothing could beat watching the Manchester Derby surrounded by the most passionate of supporters; fueled by lots of beer, brandy and bunnies!
This once hidden jewel of Indian cuisine has in recent years become a popular spot across age and race lines, ranking highly for their affordable and quality bunnies. It’s also fairly centrally located, close enough to the Moses Mahbida Stadium and the Beach Front. I’ve heard that they’ve just completed an extension which I’m very excited to check out. Ask nicely and they’ll do you a kebab curry bunny.


Durban Street Scene Tours

I’ve been keeping a longing eye on what my friends have been getting up to and they’ve turned missioning around the 031 into a business; one that excites even the laziest of Durbanites. Imagine the feeling of bunking Varsity to wander about town, but without the guilt. And more booze. From minibus shebeen tours through KZN to hop-scotching from historical sites to the previously unheard of midnight cycles through Durban CBD. These guys live what they do! I cannot wait to book myself a tour, if for nothing else than the designated driver.


The Winston Pub
9 Clark Road

There’s is nothing like that dingy bar in that slightly unsavoury part of town to make you feel like you’re back home. If you’ve ever found yourself skanking in circles at the foot of a Ska/Punk band, partying car-bar style in parking lots and sitting on pavements sharing quarts, then this might suite you just fine. This is the place where guaranteed, no one looks at you with disapproving eyes because you stood on their shoes or spilt your Label on them. It’s still a trusty post gig cool-down joint as well as the sweatiest live music venue in Durban. Memories of Sibling Rivalry, The Uprisings preliminary round gigs, free popcorn and down-downs competitions still hit me in the face every time I walk in. It can get emotional in there. Just a note for your lady friends, if they’re squeamish about restrooms, they may need to go at home.


Durban’s Golden Mile

An obvious choice but a good one. It’s undergone a major pre-World Cup facelift and I was skeptical, admittedly biased due to the city’s disregard for my childhood memories. On my last visit home I took a long walk down The Beachfront and I was blown away! The promenade now works. There is comfortably enough space for bicyclers, power-walkers and the Milky Laners to coexist with the Lifeguard buggies and surfboards being carried under the arms of surfers. A pleasant surprise was the beach volley ball nets that had been erected and school kids actually getting to play at the beach. An activity that’s pulling the watchful eyes of parents away from their groms at the upgraded skate park.

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