Am I In The Right Job?

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Plot your job satisfaction on this career check-up 
chart from career coach Jane Lowder and founder 
of Maxcoaching

Firstly you’re going to need to print this article’s image. then, using two different-coloured pens, draw 
a line across each segment to give each job-related element a score out of 100 for:
a) your level of satisfaction in your current role with each of the elements, and
b) how important each of the elements is to you in your career.

Score sheet

As a general rule you want your two plot points to be close, particularly in segments you rate highly in terms of importance. If you do have substantial discrepancies, it’s not necessarily a sign you need to change career, but you do need to take action, advises Lowder. “If you’ve got a big discrepancy in professional development but haven’t had any training for three years, ask your boss about doing some courses,” she says. Major discrepancies across the board? Time to look elsewhere.

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