5 Things Every Man Should Know

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Be a better version of yourself…

Speak at least three languages

With 11 official languages, it would be almost rude to not know more than English. Here’s a short tutorial:
“Hello beautiful lady”
Xhosa: Molo sisi omhle
Sotho: Dumela ousi omontle
Zulu: Sawubona ntobi enhle

Do a proper push-up

The push-up is a muscle builder, a lower-back saver and the (no equipment required) king of exercises. The average guy activates 18 muscles when doing a proper push-up. Improper push-ups waste your time. Know how to do it right. Power to the push up

Have an answer for the tough questions

You wouldn’t hike up Aconcagua without being properly prepared. So if you’re in a serious relationship, being a good boyfriend requires you to answer these questions without any hesitation:
– Why do you love me?
– Did you think that girl was pretty?
– What are you thinking?
To avoid looking down the bottom of your fourth beer glass, know them, learn them, have an answer for them.

Be able to handle a hammer… or some other DIY tool

Every man should have an understanding of basic hand tools. The hammer is one of the oldest tools known to man. Most people grip a hammer the wrong way? Here’s some advice: don’t hold the hammer too tightly, instead grasp it lightly but firmly as if you were to shake someone’s hand. Experts recommend that you grip the bell end of the handle for heavy hitting and the slight flair mid-handle for lighter blows.

Captivate people’s attention

One of the things that make you attractive is charm. And nothing says charming like the ability to make people listen to you. Nothing hectic or profound. Just be able to tell a good story well. It shows an ability to handle yourself, and will definitely have the ladies flocking.