3 Books You Should Read

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This book landed on the Men’s Health review pile together with one called South Africans In London. The latter was about expats who’ve – for reasons ranging from fear of crime to fear of crime – packed their passports and skipped the country. Ways of Staying is by far the more interesting of the two, with Kevin Bloom using two high-profile murder cases (David Rattray’s and Bloom’s own cousin’s) to dig, with increasingly soiled fingernails, into the soul of contemporary South Africa – and of the South Africans who’ve stayed. R193 www.exclusivebooks.com

A university professor sets his class an assignment: find a missing 18-year-old girl before the end of the semester, or else she’ll be murdered. The mystery/thriller that follows is competent and compelling, but you’ll read it with the growing sense that it’s either going to have an oh-wow-slap-your-foreheadit’s- so-brilliant twist ending, or it’s going to be a total letdown. Go in with low expectations. You’ll enjoy it more that way. R228 www.exclusivebooks. com

Much like WWE itself, this book is big, bold and very silly indeed. And with 360-odd pages and a thousand (very) odd photo bios, it covers all the wrestlers who’ve graced the insane world of “sports entertainment”. They’re all here, every muscle-bound, spandex-clad one of them, from Andre the Giant to Yokozuna, via Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior… with a pantheon of the obscure (Lord Littlebrook, Boogeyman), famous (John Cena, Stone Cold), forgotten (Killer Kowalski, Haystacks Calhoun) and frankly bizarre (Goldust, Rey Mysterio). R390 www.exclusivebooks.com

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