3 Books MH Recommends

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Michael Blomkvist is a journalist recently convicted for aggravated libel. He accepts an assignment from super-wealthy Swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger, to commit a year of his life to solving the mystery of the disappearance of Vangers’ niece, Harriet, 40 years ago. Stieg Larsson presents a brilliantly written story of love, trust and shattered feelings, that’s both an enthralling “who dunnit?” and a very different look at our twenty-first century world.

Software billionaire Geenoa Reeves was still at school when one of her teachers was killed in a hijacking. Twenty years down the line a very similar murder has occurred and now Reeves wants answers. The case is assigned to Peter Decker, who is under pressure to connect the two cases. It’s classic Faye Kellerman, that’ll have you guessing till the end. I battled to put it down and recommend it as a fun weekend read.

Real-life brothers and two of Men’s Health’s witty illustrators, Alex and Patrick Latimer, have collaborated to bring you two other funny (cartoon) guys – Finbar and Osteus. These guys can seamlessly intertwine the mundane with the absurd – and that takes some serious skill. This is one of South Africa’s funniest cartoons, and as an added bonus it doesn’t revolve around politics!

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