If You’ve Ever Considered Getting a Motorbike, This Is The One You Should Buy

When it comes to curves, two wheels can trump four

Mark Ryan Sallee and MH staff |

Everything about the models in BMW’s 2017 Heritage line – including the R nineT and its Scrambler, Pure, Urban G/S, and Racer (right) variations – is solid and sturdy. The Racer I rode burbled to life and then settled into a relaxed thrum. Cruising at low RPMs, the motor is quietly polite, saving its character for cheeky moments of heavy throttle. Slicing through city traffic, it gets the job done, but it’s not natural there; its wide boxer engine and mirrors make for ponderous lane splits. But on back roads the engine comes alive, inviting greedy handfuls of throttle and holding a spirited charge on the curves. And it’s one of the most handsome motorcycles money can buy.

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2017 BMW R Ninet Racer
R171 900
1170cc Boxer engine
110 Horsepower

Speedometer: The modern dash is inspired by oldschool 1970s superbikes made to tear up tarmac. This bike’s speedometer ticks up to 350kph.
Seat: The seat sits about 80cm off the ground, and the cushion raises slightly at the rear to ease your back on longer rides. Because even road warriors need pampering.
Wheelbase: Sitting on a Racer makes you feel, well, like racing. That’s because of the ample distance between the centre of each wheel and the low-slung handlebars, making you lean into the road ahead.

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Other MH smooth rides

Triumph street cup
Retro street racer
Engine: 900cc
Horsepower: 54bHp
Torque: 80Nm
Weight: 200kg (dry)
Price: R134 500

High value commuter
Engine: 313cc
Horsepower: 34bHp
Torque: 28Nm
Weight: 159kg
Price: R62 990

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3 reasons to own a motorcycle:

  1. Safer than ever! With anti-lock brakes, you’re less likely to have a fatal sliding crash, a study in Traffic Injury Prevention found.
  2. Babes! The number of women saddling up has doubled since 2003, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council.
  3. Cool hats! Well, helmets. Wear one. The fatality rate for bareheaded riders is nearly double that of helmeted ones.

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