Watch Boston Dynamics’ Robot Do A Backflip Better Than You Ever Could

Boston Dynamics just stunned the world with a video of their humanoid robot doing a backflip

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If you’ve ever seen Transformers, you probably think of robots as a cluster of nuts, bolts and superior intelligence capable of destroying the world. In reality, though, modern science and technology haven’t quite caught up to Hollywood’s creations. But Boston Dynamics is working tirelessly to change this with their humanoid, Atlas.

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Boston Dynamics just released a video of Atlas, the humanoid, jumping from block to block, turning 180 degrees whilst mid-air and most impressively doing a back-flip and landing it! That’s right, that backflip which you probably spent hours of your childhood trying to master is now effortlessly being done by a hunk of nuts and bolts. Check it out below:

But even if the Atlas makes this backflip look easy, it certainly is not. First off, it’s incredibly difficult to make a bipedal robot like Atlas even move. As you can see, Atlas Is rather top heavy like the ultimate gym bro who skipped leg day one too many times. So getting it to even stand up and walk without toppling over is a miracle in of itself.

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In fact, a four-legged robot would be much easier to operate because they are able to balance on all fours. And Boston Dynamics has even tried its hand at these four-legged non-human robots with a dog named Spot that was revealed last year.

But because this is a world built for humans, companies like Boston Dynamics need to make robots that are like humans and Atlas is eerily human-like. The humanoid is 1.5m tall, weighs 75kgs and has 28 joints – making it around the same size as an adult male (albeit a short one) and it even moves like one.

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Creating a robot that is like a human is important for situations where you might want to enter an area where humans can’t necessarily go; like if you’re exploring a nuclear site or a war zone. The robot needs to be able to open doors, press buttons and use its hands and unfortunately Boston Dynamics’ four-legged friend, Spot, isn’t going to be able to do that.

Someday they might even carry paraphernalia for soldiers or replace the army entirely. But until then, we’ll stick to what we know robots are best at doing; no, not backflips, good old-fashioned robot-vs-robot fighting. Let’s hope it never gets to a human versus humanoid world because these robots’ fight moves look killer:

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