There’s A New App In Town For Coffee Lovers, Here’s Why You Need To Download It Today

As if you needed another reason to love the infectious coffee brand with the passionate baristas.

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Here at MH HQ, we’re big fans of a cup of java, whether it’s of the milky, frothy, black or almond kind. So when we got wind that vida e caffè had launched a new app, we were first to put our hands up to try it out.

Firstly on opening the app, navigation is seamless and simple which makes for a great user experience. You can also view the latest product offerings, like their summer menu, their new 100% biodegradable cup and plenty more, which comes in handy when you want to order on the go.

Below are some of the cool additional features the app offers, and what some of our staffers thought.

1. Order Ahead

There’s a few benefits to this feature:

Skip the queue and order your fix via the app. You choose which store you will be collecting from, and the time you want to collect, and it’s hot and ready for you when you drop in. You can pay using your linked credit card or loyalty rewards via the app when ordering or when you pick up your order.

“I loved this feature. I was running late for a meeting, so placed my order during the school run, and literally just pulled in, smiled at the crowd standing in line, picked up my order and made my meeting with minutes to spare.” – Kirsten Curtis, Contributing Digital Editor

It’s perfect for the office coffee run. Order in bulk while you’re still in the office so you can remember the myriad requests without having to write them down.

“Whether it’s for the early morning meetings or to get everyone’s caffeine kick for the day, the simple app puts the power in your hands. Order your espressos, iced lattes and cappuccinos (with almond milk, if you prefer) and the orders are correct and ready for you when you arrive. Our future interns are going to have a blast with this app.” – Thaaqib Daniels, MH Content Producer.

2. Spread The Love

If you’re feeling generous, this feature allows you to send someone some cash so they can enjoy the vida e caffè love. Bonus, they don’t even have to have the app (vouchers are also received via sms) “The #VidaLove option scored me big points with my partner. It showed her that I was thinking about her, without having to say a thing.” – Nadim Nyker, Digital Editor

3. Earn Cash As Rewards

You get 5% loyalty cash back on all transactions. That’s R1.85 for every caffè mocha! You can keep track of your loyalty points via the app and use accumulated loyalty towards your total bill. “I forgot lunch the other day, so decided to swing by vida e caffè for a toasted sandwich. I paid via the app using my linked card and earned some loyalty moola. Judging by the amount of times I forget my lunch, my accumulated loyalty is going to pay for a free lunch pretty soon!” – Kirsten

To make the deal even sweeter, or should we say greener, customers bringing in a reusable vida e caffè coffee cup are entitled to a R2 discount off their caffè.

4. Find Your Nearest Store

Not sure where to find your nearest vida? Turn on location settings on your phone and the app will tell you where your nearest store is, how far away it is and its specific operating hours. You are also privvy to localised store promotions.

Coming Soon

Soon, you will be able to have your order delivered. Bonus! So watch this space.

“As a brand we are always looking for ways to strengthen our digital relationships, which form a key pillar of our growth plan and strategy. Being customer driven, we have analysed global and local trends and in response, are excited to launch the world class enhancements that will support the way we interact with and reward our loyal customers”, says Darren Levy, vida e caffè CEO.

Download the vida e app here:


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