This Workout App Lets You Train At Any Gym Without A Membership

Want to switch up your routine or just add some cross-training sessions? Introducing Flexi, the workout app that helps with that.

Here at the MH HQ we love switching up our training. Whether it’s changing up our workout routine, trying out a new class or heading to a new gym, change can be a real motivator. What we don’t like though? The fact that you have to commit to a membership if you want to join for even a few sessions. Introducing Flexi, the workout app that helps with that.

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What Is It?

Flexi lets you train on-demand, where and when you want, while getting rewarded with cash back every time you transact on their platform. The app has a map that lets you see what studios and gyms are around you so you know where the Flexi app can work.

Why We Love It

You train your way. With Flexi, you only pay when you use the platform. There are no monthly fees or contracts. Whether you are replacing your gym membership to be completely on-demand or supplementing your gym membership to add variety to your routine, you choose.

You’ll never get bored. You get the benefit of variety and choice. Whether it’s CrossFit, yoga, boxing, rock climbing or any other lifestyle activity, they’ve got you covered. Whether you are missing your session because of traffic, on a business trip or simply want to discover something new, the Flexi app will save you time and money.

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Seriously, you don’t pay upfront for any membership. Walk into a studio partnered with the workout app, scan the QR code and your session is paid for. Gaining access is that easy. And did we mention no contracts?

You get exactly what you pay for. Never pay for an unused session. Plus, with the regular deals and vouchers that can be found on the app, you have the chance to save money.

You get rewarded. Every time you train and transact, you’ll receive instant cash back into your Flexi loyalty Wallet. Use this money to transact at any partnering facility on the Flexi Network.

You can reward your friends and family. Share the love and send some friends gift vouchers to get them to be active with you. Imagine inviting a mate to do some CrossFit with you, and you can cover the session so they’ll join. It’s a great treat and they’ll thank you for it.

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How To Use It:

1. Download the Flexi workout app (here) from Google Play or the App Store.

2. Register, create a personalised profile and link your card for easy, quick payments on-the-go.

3. Find your fitness by geo-locating studios on their map.

4. In-studio scan the Flexi QR code and your session is paid for.

5. Every time you scan and pay, you earn cash back into your Flexi wallet, which you can use to pay towards your next session.

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