The Best Kitchen Knives

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If you’re going to spend time in the kitchen, ensure you’re using the right tools, in this case – the best kitchen knives.

1. The chef’s personal power tool
It’s the first investment for any kitchen. The Chef’s knife is the Jacques Kallis of cooking duties – it takes care of all the basic prep tasks, and it feels like a mighty weapon due to its heft and well-balanced feel.

Investment: Wusthof Classic Cooks Knife with Deflecting Ridge (20cm blade, 30cm total)
A Samurai with a light sabre. That’s what happens when you pair old-world, proven metal making techniques with a space age design. The holes along the ridge create pockets of air between the food and blade, meaning nothing sticks to the slick surface, similar to a Santoku blade (a Japanese chef knife). The little ridge beyond the holes also helps to remove food from the blade. It’s the Nissan GTR of the knife world. R1 160 YuppieChef

Budget: Scanpan Spectrum Chef’s Knife (18cm blade, 30cm total)
Made of high quality stainless steel, covered in a non-stick coating and paired with a soft touch handle, this is a must-have addition to any kitchen. We like the show-stopping colours too. R130, Yuppiechef

2. The double duty slicers and dicers – Victorinox Three Piece Paring Knife Set

The second in the masterchef-in-training must-have list, paring knives make short work of peeling, slicing and paring jobs. Victorinox is famous for it’s their original Swiss Army knives, but in the world of bargain value, high quality blades for the kitchen – they have no peer. The set includes a straight blade, wavy edged knife (8cm), a pointed tip blade (8cm) and a round tip, wavy edged tomato and sausage knife (11cm). R260, Yuppiechef

The Cutting Edge – Wusthof Magnetic Knife Rack.
Size: 35cm (length) by 4.5cm (width) and 3cm (height)
Made with sleek steel and warm walnut, this is one of the most practical, value-for-money upgrades for your kitchen. Buy the simple kit and install it yourself. R560, Yuppiechef

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