Technology Becoming A Hassle? Here Are 4 Gadgets To Help Save Time And Energy

Time is money, we know this. Spend less time struggling with technology with these smart gadgets.

Time is money (as you well know), so fumbling about with technology shouldn’t take up too much of it. Simply investing in some nifty gadgets that’ll take care of all the technicalities for us will save us an eternity of unnecessary tinkering.

Save Time While Storing

USB sticks, external drives? Waiting to safely eject? It’s hardly the casual hookup you were expecting. A wireless drive like the Apple AirPort Time Capsule will give you access to your files from 50m. Plus, it’ll back up your devices overnight, for when everything goes south.

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Spend Less Time Checking Your Connection

A limp Wi-Fi connection is just going to let you down. Sure, the internet is fast when you’re sitting on top of the modem, but what about the kitchen? Or even the deck? Forget about it. Here’s where you need: the TP-Link AV500 WiFi Powerline Extender Kit. This little gadget makes use of the existing electric circuitry in your walls, employing next-level tech wizardry to beam your connection further.

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Getting Your Password Right The First Time

Remembering passwords is a chore – well, it should be, if you’re trying to be cryptic. The Gatekeeper Wireless PC Lock  is your skeleton key to all your accounts. Just plug it into a USB port and it’ll manage your passwords and store sensitive data. Bundled into the package is proximity security, which senses if you’re near your laptop or computer. Step away for a second and it’ll lock the system down.

Measure Your Progress In No Time

It’s good to track your progress, not so much fun to write it all down. Log your weigh-ins without touching a pencil with the Garmin Index Smart Scale. It’ll measure more than just your weight, doing a few basic calculations to determine your body fat and BMI too. Step off, and all that data will sync up to your phone or laptop, complete with comprehensive charts so you can run the numbers.

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