Why This Automatic Watch Is Seriously Next Level Cool

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Swatch adds a cool twist to their classic design. Here’s why it’s time to join the mechanical revolution…

Swatch SISTEM51 goes metal. Stemming from its roots as the automatic watch for everyone, the new SISTEM51 IRONY is the automatic watch for those who value clean, classic design, blended with contemporary Swatch style.

The difference between SISTEM51 and SISTEM51 IRONY is … Metal—lots of it. SISTEM51 IRONY uses high performance and robust metals to introduce Swatch lovers and those new to the brand to a sophisticated vision of Swatch automatic watch design.

Built for the boardroom, exhibition or weekend adventure, the new SISTEM51 IRONY is fit with the same single central screw, 90-hour power reserve, 17 pending patents and impressively low 51 total components as all SISTEM51 models, but with a more evolved look and feel.

Each SISTEM51 IRONY design is a piece of art that says “premium” without the price tag. By taking advantage of the first fully-automated mechanical watch manufacturing process, each elegant model is assembled to the highest level of precision and Swiss quality, whilst delivering unmatched value.

Housed in stainless steel watch cases and adorned with the finest dial finishing techniques, each model in the SISTEM51 IRONY collection is unequivocally handsome from the front, but turn one over, and that’s where its true magic is revealed. The openwork caseback design gives wearers a secret window to view the central screw, automatic rotor, oscillating balance wheel, as well as the rest of the 51 stylishly printed parts driving the self-winding, battery-free timepiece.

For Swatch, SISTEM51 IRONY is a big step towards affordable, timeless automatic watches. Composed of seven exquisite models, Swatch moves upscale with rubber instead of silicone bands; superluminova index applications instead of print; fine, padded leather bands and metal. Lots of metal.

The look is decidedly mature without being posh, while the contemporary openwork speaks to Swatch’s roots in creative design. For Swatch, SISTEM51 IRONY is “Swatch” at its core, but open to the status of luxury.

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