Heads Up: Salomon Is Having A Massive Winter Sale! Check Out These Bargains.

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Quality fitness gear generally doesn’t come cheap. So when we see the kinds of deals currently on offer in the Salomon winter sale, we’re all over that. Especially in these lean times of COVID-19. We rounded up some of the bargains we have our eye on. They’re just what you need to stick to your winter fitness programme.

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Trail Shoe: Salomon Speedcross 5

You wouldn’t take your German sedan off-roading, so don’t hit the trails in your road running shoes. No matter how top-of-the-range and they are. Trail shoes are the 4x4s of the running shoe market. But like with SUVs, you get those that look the part and those that can handle themselves on a near-vertical, muddy mountain slope, littered with loose rocks. Rugged, grippy, stable and reinforced to protect your toes, these babies were built for so much more than hopping pavements. If you’re into trail running, grab a pair on sale!


Salomon Speedcross 5.
Was: R 2,199.00

R 1,599.00


Technical Tee: Salomon Sense Ultra Tee

When you’re pushing yourself to the limit, you need a t-shirt that can keep up. In other words, it won’t turn into a sweat rag five kays in, impede your movement or forever be scarred with the odour and dodgy stains from that one time you decided to push the distance. We like this particular shirt in the winter sale range because it’s made of fabric specifically designed for endurance. It’s light, breathable and durable, with additional mesh around the neckline and in the pits to give you more ventilation where you sweat the most.


Sense Ultra Tee.
Was: R 799.00

R 499.00


Hydration Carrier: Sensibelt

Ever tried running with a water bottle in your hand? Hopefully the answer is no because it sucks. If you’re hitting technical trails, you probably want a hydration pack that sits on your back and allows you to sip hands free. But for light off-roading and road running, a hip holster still frees your arms while keeping your bottle within easy reach. We don’t just like the Sensibelt because it’s on sale; we also like that it’s cushioned and ventilated for comfort and has a handy pocket that can take your phone. TIP: Fill your bottle with ice water or add a few ice blocks to keep it chilled on your run.


Was: R599.00

R 299


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Pick Of The Sale: Pulse Hybrid Hoodie

To pick up a jacket like this one for under a thousand bucks is a total steal, which is why this hoodie is our pick of the sale items. Designed to be a suitable mid-layer on the skip slopes, it has the kind of insulation that can withstand the most brisk of Highveld mornings. Because it’s lightweight and not too bulky, you could wear it under another jacket around a campfire in the Namibian desert or as is on the side of the field at your kid’s Saturday morning rugby derby. (Can you tell we’re dreaming of life after lockdown?)


Pulse hybrid Hoodie
Was: R 1,599.99

R 999


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Training Shorts: Race Fleece Short

Never let a good-quality pair of training shorts on sale slip through your fingers. Because can you ever have enough? These are made from a comfy fleece and styled with an athletic fit to prevent thigh chafe and uncomfortable digging in.


Race Fleece Short
Was: R499.00

R 299.00


Running Jacket: Bonatti Race WP JKT

A proper running jacket will keep you clocking mileage all through winter. Even if you live in the Cape of Apocalyptic Storms. But when we say ‘proper’, it needs to have all the features that make for a truly weather resistant jacket. This jacket in the winter sale range ticks all the boxes…

Lightweight. A good running jacket shouldn’t weigh you down or impede your movement. If you take it off, you should be able to fold it up into a tiny package that’s in no way cumbersome to lug around.

Wind resistant: You want cuffed sleeves and a material that won’t let the wind blow through you.

Waterproof: It needs to keep you dry.

Hooded: You’re looking for a well fitting, cowled hood that allows water to run off without going down your neck.


Bonatti Race WP Jkt
Was: R 1,899.00

R 1299


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