Your MH Must-Do Bucket List Of Virtual Home Entertainment

GUESS WHAT: We're giving you some free data to help you check them off!

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As much as we’re loving the more relaxed lockdown laws, we’re still spending a lot more time at home than we used to. And now that winter’s here in force and the garden is off limits, the whole staying home thing is starting to get a little dull. If you’re feeling the same, we have some good news: The July issue of Men’s Health is bagged with a rain SIM card with 7 days’ free unlimited data when you choose and activate your plan: click here to activate it! Yes. Unlimited. Data. And now that data is no longer an issue, here’s our virtual to-do list to keep you entertained.

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Try A New Workout

Did you even lockdown if you haven’t done a virtual workout? But here’s the challenge – we’re not just talking regular Zoom sessions with your PT or the lounge version of the Grid class you’d usually do at Virgin Active. This is your chance to try something brand new. Ever wondered what all the hype is around yoga? Or wanted to master a pistol squat but felt a bietjie skaam getting your Karate Kid crane on in full view of a row of treadmills? Now’s your chance. Consider this your time “off the grid”. Use it to train. Come back as a badass with a very particular set of skills.

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Attend A Virtual Event

You know how we always moan that nothing cool comes to South Africa? Well, now is your chance to see Broadway shows, musicians, comedians and high-profile speakers from around the world for a fraction of the price or, in some cases, totally mahala. All you need is enough data to have a front-row seat. And now you’ve got that covered, too. Make a night out of it: Cook a fancy meal, open an expensive bottle of red and set the table with the fancy crockery that only comes out when your in-laws come to visit. Dinner and a show. For local comedy, workshops and other events, check out For Broadway shows, subscribe to The Shows Must Go On YouTube channel. Every Friday they stream a different virtual production and the video stays live for 24 hours.

WATCH: This rendition of The Phantom of The Opera from the virtual show has more than 1.5 million views. With good reason.

Learn A New Skill

Ever wanted to be able to speak Italian? How about restore old furniture? Develop an app? Get a degree? Whatever it is that you want to add to your CV  – or Tinder profile – we guarantee there’s a virtual course for that. All you need is the data and the knowledge of where to look.

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The good news: Our July issue has you covered on all fronts. Not only do you get your rain SIM card with a week’s free unlimited data, we’ve also rounded up 21 totally legit, free online courses across a range of topics. You can do a photography course with Nikon, learn how to run a successful start-up with Google or learn the art of persuasive writing and public speaking through Harvard. Sign me up, Scotty.

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Stay Up All Night Gaming

I mean, why not? It’s not like you have to go anywhere in the morning. Sometimes a guy just needs to pull on a pair of old, worn-out tracksuit pants, order a pizza and annihilate an army of his virtual enemies. And if ever there was a time when it was ok to take a break from adulting and just live your best student life for 24 hours, this would be it. Now that data is no longer an issue, check out these free online games that have kept us sane during lockdown.

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Binge A Series

Just one more episode? Nah, make it ten. You have the data; you have the time. And it’s winter outside. There’s something so mindlessly satisfying about losing yourself in a series binge and emerging, hours later, with no idea what time, day or year it is. High on our agenda: the first four seasons of Lucifer as we prepare for season 5, which hits Netflix on 21 August and Primal, a new adult animated series from the guy who created Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack. How’s that for nostalgia?

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Travel Back In Time To The Best Moment Ever

So you open up your July issue of Men’s Health and there’s a rain SIM card that gives you a week’s free unlimited data. So many virtual possibilities. But what’s the first thing we’re going to do? Relive Siya Kolisi lifting the Webb Ellis Cup, that’s what. Because with all the doom and gloom in the world right now, who wouldn’t want to go back and feel all those good vibes again?

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And since you have the data, this analysis of SA’s path to winning the Rugby World Cup in 2019 is a must-watch for anyone who loves, plays or coaches rugby…

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