5 Ways Your Rewards Points Stash Can Help You Get Back In Shape

Don't you love it when you find money you forgot you had?

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It seems like every establishment has a loyalty card these days. Whether you’re at the supermarket, the petrol station or the barber, you can expect to be asked, “Do you have a loyalty card, sir?” It’s annoying carrying all those cards around. It makes it hard to close your wallet. And yes, it does make your bum look big. But it’s all been worth it. Because it’s times like these that you need to put those rewards points to work. According to FNB, eBucks members have spent more than R450 million in eBucks on essentials such as fuel, groceries, airtime and data since the start of lockdown. If you still have your points stashed away, here’s five ways you can use them to get back on the health and fitness wagon.

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New Running Shoes

Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. You can do it pretty much anywhere and you don’t need equipment. The only thing you need is a decent pair of running shoes. While you can get away with cheap-cheap clothing, it’s a good idea to use those rewards points to invest in quality shoes. They’ll help you run better and make you less prone to injury. If you’re not a big fan of running, a good pair of shoes can make it more enjoyable, too.


Men's adidas SolarBoost 19

R 2599.95


Totalsports accepts Discovery Miles, Discovery Healthy Gear and Discovery Shoe Booster

Fitness Tracker

So you committed to getting your steps in, doing four weekly workouts, sleeping more and drinking water? Great. How’s that going for you? When you can see your metrics, it’s so much easier to stick to your goals. A fitness tracker is your constant reminder of the goals you set and how you’re measuring up. And it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. If you’re not planning to take up endurance sport, use your rewards points to buy (or offset the price of) a Fitbit. The new Charge 4 has everything you need, including wrist-based heart rate monitoring, built-in GPS, sleep monitoring, step count, calorie burn, 20 exercise modes and you can track your water and food intake through the app.


Fitbit Charge 4

R 2989


Takealot accepts eBucks and Discovery miles. Fitbit is a partner of Momentum Multiply. 

Heavy Metal

Even when gyms eventually reopen, it’s not always viable to get there. Maybe you’re on kid duty this weekend or you have to be home for the plumber or to cook dinner. Whatever the reason, not being able to get to the gym shouldn’t be a reason to miss your strength workout.

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There’s a lot you can do with just a heavy set of dumbbells and a light set of dumbbells. If you have extra rewards points left, add a kettlebell to the mix. The whole lot will fit in a cupboard. Or go full bro: bring a weights section theme to your home decor and use them as doorstops.


Single OTG 5kg Neoprene Dumbbell

R 200


Sportmans Warehouse accepts Discovery Miles and Discovery Healthy Gear. Two of the dumbbells above will cost you 4 000 miles.

Good Quality Blender

This is especially for the dudes who don’t get their five-a-day servings of fruit and veg. Chop it up, chuck it in a blender, add a dash of water and, whizz, you have a smoothie. Or a veggie juice. Or a protein shake with extra vitamins, antioxidants and fibre.

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You can also easily make your own sauces, pesto, hummus, nut butters and more. It’ll be the best rewards points you’ve ever spent.


Nutribullet 600w High Speed Blender

R 1799


Yuppiechef accepts eBucks and Discovery miles.


Your new wingman if cooking is not your strong suit. We’re here for anything that involves setting a timer, pressing a button and coming back when it’s time to dish up. In this case, you’ll be dishing up a plate of crisp, flavourful veggies, juicy chicken and fish and perfectly fluffy rice. With fewer calories and more nutritional value. Take my rewards points.


Kambrook Smartlife Food Steamer

R 449


Clicks accepts eBucks, Discovery Miles and Momentum Multiply discounts

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