Here’s Why Men Should Drive Convertibles

Yes is the answer. And it’s got no effect on your masculinity. Here’s why real men drive topless.

We’re calling BS on those “hairdresser” chirps. They aren’t a solution for mid-life crises, and they won’t make you any less of a man. In fact, choose the right one, and you’ll be rewarded with a proper driver’s car – one that only a real man can pull off. Convertibles have got a rich pedigree. Think about a Jaguar E-Type, a Porsche 356, the original Mustang, or any of the classic small two seater topless British sports cars. Forget the haters – convertibles now can be fast, powerful, sexy cars. Besides the best view and lack of blind spots, you’ll get some much-needed Vitamin D and a closer experience with nature – you can feel, smell, hear and taste the outdoors. Choose one of these five options to start your al fresco adventure.


Topless Cars Can Be Muscle Cars

OUR CHOICE: Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 Auto

It doesn’t get more testosterone-soaked than the original wild horse from the US. This automatic covertible option lets you appreciate the thunderous V8 in all it’s glory, and with the modern conviences that the classics don’t have. You can also opt for the cheaper 2.4 Ecoboost – but you lose out on the noise. And we’re cheating slightly here, as our runner-up isn’t available in SA yet – but we’re holding thumbs for the rest of 2017.

Runner-up: Audi R8 Spyder


Convertibles Don’t Have to Be Costly

OUR CHOICE: Mazda MX-5 2.0l Roadster

The World Car of the Year 2016 has a following that qualifies as a cult, and their rabid dedication is for good reason. This is a lightweight, well-balanced roadster with one of the best gearboxes, and it feeds off tight corners and winding roads – and it costs R441 700, a bargain of a sports car. Offering plenty of thrills, it’s our kind of roof-free formula. If you want another option, the Cooper S offers plenty of fresh-air fun and agility for a similar price.

Runner-up: Mini COOPER Convertible S

Jag Ftype

They Offer the Best Engine Soundtrack

OUR CHOICE: Jaguar F-Type convertible

We’ve mentioned the hallowed E-Type as one of the original two-seater convertible classics, and this modern work of art follows in its ancestor’s tread. It’s arguably one of the best-looking cars on the road now, and its throaty soundtrack is something that shouldn’t be
muffled by a roof. There are plenty of convertible options within the F-Type family (including the ludicrously fast SVR model), and the runner-up is a close second.

Runner-up: Porsche 911 Carrera S

BMW m4 2

Roof Down Doesn’t Mean Slow Down

OUR CHOICE: BMW M4 convertible

This Munich-based motormaker is renowned for its dynamic, engaging driving, and with this 331kW car you lose nothing of that spirit by losing the roof. It offers a stiff drive that jacks up your heart rate and plasters a smile on your face. This 2017 model will help you enjoy the outdoors at speed, too – think 0 to 100 in 4.6 seconds. If you can’t afford the all-out, thunderous M4, scale down to the still-speedy and very slick M240i option.

Runner-up: Bmw M240i Convertible


You Won’t Have to Sacrifice Luxury

OUR CHOICE: Mercedes Sl500 AMG

Seventeen seconds. That’s how long it takes to go from 0 to roofless. This combination cruiser and sports car offers the best in luxury and comfort along with a potent V8 to hurry things along when you need to. It’s a classy, tech-packed option that takes the hassle out of driving, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy your surroundings – which, if you can afford this, are sure to be memorable. Otherwise, test drive the plush Maserati.

Runner-up: Maserati Gran Cabrio

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