Can Google Make You A Better Cook? Here’s How!

Fortunately, technology is here to help. Online, you’ll find recipes, tutorials, YouTube videos and a range of other tools to guide you on your culinary journey.

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As an avid-cooker and man in his mid-twenties, I know first-hand that plenty of things can can go wrong in the kitchen. And as I grew out of the noodles, takeout and whatever I could fit in my university snackwich, I realised I needed to step up my game.

My advice: cooking takes time, so be patient, never use too much oil and don’t underestimate the power of your oven. I’ll admit that even now the outcome of my hard work in the kitchen relies heavily on luck. So in order to mitigate any further risks, I spoke to tech giant Google who provided the ultimate life hacks.


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Here’s what they had to say:

Fortunately, technology is here to help. Online, you’ll find recipes, tutorials, YouTube videos and a range of other tools to guide you on your culinary journey. And now more than ever, top chefs around the world are making their knowledge and expertise accessible in the virtual space to provide advice, entertainment and build a sense of community.

If you need some help in the kitchen, all you need to do is ask. There’s a wide variety of useful Google tools, for example, that have you covered. You can simply use Search or ask Google voice search.


  • How do you cook the perfect medium-rare steak?
  • How do you know when pasta is al dente?
  • How many minutes does it take to cook a soft boiled egg?
  • What herbs go well with chicken?
  • Or what’s the best way to cook asparagus?

If you need more information about a specific dish, the Search knowledge panel will tell you what it is, how it’s cooked and even share a bit of its history. It might be a common delicacy to others, but if you’ve never heard of it then no one needs to be any the wiser.

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Or perhaps you ate something delicious in a restaurant, and now you want to learn how to recreate it at home. Just Google it, and the top three results for that specific dish will show up.

If you’re unable to touch a screen because you’re up to your elbows in flour, ask Google Assistant or Google Go to read the recipe to you so that you can keep your hands free to create a delicious feast.


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And while you’re cooking, why not set the mood by asking for your favourite playlist in the background ‒ although, maybe listen to your recipe first.

Gone are the days when you totally forgot you put something in the oven, only to realise far too late when the waft of your dish’s charred remains permeates your home. The Google Assistant can also set multiple timers, so you can ensure your dish is cooked perfectly without having to watch the oven or stove. Everyone knows, after all, that a watched pot never boils anyway.

If supplies are running low, you can ask Google Assistant to create a shopping list for you, update it as you think of things you need and ask to be reminded what’s on your list to ensure you don’t accidentally add eggs three times.

If your recipe gives measurements or temperatures that you’re not used to, ask Google to convert between metric and imperial or celsius and fahrenheit to make things a lot simpler for you.

Now that you’ve got the basics down and are well on your way to gourmet chef status, why not look for some extra hacks to impress your loved ones. Search how to julienne vegetables, how to make your own stock, how to perfectly flip a pancake, how to plate up your dish like a pro or even how to butter toast with one hand (a bonus for new parents and yes, it’s possible).

When it comes to actually eating your dishes that you have now executed perfectly, why not ask Google Assistant to recommend wine pairings to accompany your meal. Bon appetit, chef (and if you’re not sure what that means – Google it).

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