These Are The Best Gifts For Every Type Of Dad On Father’s Day

From coffee-drinkers and campers to masterbraaiers and fashion-forward jet-setters, we've got your Father's Day present sorted.

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Looking for the best gifts to give this Father’s Day? Keep reading.

Your dad is a real life superhero. He taught you how to ride a bike, how to cook (hopefully) and how to drive. And somehow he did it all even when you drove him absolutely crazy. He spent most of his life raising you so that you could be the man you are today and it’s time to thank him.

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You can’t buy happiness but you sure can buy one of the best gifts he has ever received on Father’s Day and that’s pretty much the same thing. There’s something for every type of man here – we’ve taken the stress out of gift shopping. There’s no need to thank us, just thank your dad this Father’s Day.

Fashion-Forward Father

Longmarket Barber Shave Gift Set

The Longmarket Barber range has only been around for a short while but it’s proven itself to have quality products that are perfect for the modern man. The Longmarket Barber Shave Gift Set (Buy It Here) comes with shaving soap, a brush, hair and body wash, an aftershave balm and an exfoliating face wash. Your dad can have his entire grooming routine sorted in one go. He'll look dapper whether he’s in the boardroom or at the beach.

Sneaker Lab Premium Kit

If your dad is still rocking sneakers, give him the sneaker spa treatment. Sneaker Lab’s premium shoe care kit comes with a sneaker cleaner, protector, odour protector and brush. The products come in a compact pouch which makes it perfect for travelling. He’ll have the shiniest shoes around. (R249, Buy It Here).

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Only & Sons Malcon Skinny Blazer Navy

A navy blazer is one of the most stylish and classic statement pieces your dad could have in his wardrobe. Whether he needs to conquer the boardroom or go to a braai, this piece can be dressed down or up and look appropriate in almost every situation. Black blazers are too stiff, safe and common ­­–the navy blazer is fashionable, stylish and works for every kind of dad. If your dad needs a style upgrade or if he is missing this piece from his wardrobe, the Only & Sons Malcon Skinny Blazer is a sure win (R1 499, Buy It Here).

The Ballie Who Braais

The Fireside Feast Flavouring Kit

A hunk of braaied meat will always be good, but what takes a braai beginner to a braaimaster is the perfect combination of spices. The Fireside Feast Flavouring Kit (R99, Buy It Here) will make your dad’s braai meat the tastiest on your block. This kit comes with a reusable shaker tin with Texan BBQ seasoning, a Herby Rub, A Sweet & Smokey Rub, and a Hot & Spicy Rub.

David Jones Drinks Cooler

The three b’s of a great Father’s Day are ballie, braai and beers and nothing ruins the joy of drinking beer like downing a warm one. The David Jones Drinks Cooler (R1 814.78, Buy It Here) is fashionable and functional and will suit any occasion.

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Home Essentials Stainless Steel Grid

If your dad doesn’t already have one of these, you need to get him one. The Stainless Steel Grid (R639, Buy It Here) will help your dad make the tastiest braai meat you’ve ever had. The grid folds over meat, vegetables and sandwiches, securing them in place so that they get an even grilling over a fire. Your dad can braai with one hand and have a beer in the other – automatically making you the favourite child.

Lion Extra Long Safety Matches

Lion matches are a staple in most South African households. They've been around for 117 years at every birthday party, romantic dinner and scheduled load shedding. And now Lion matches are here to make your dad's  braai's a whole lot better with their extra long safety matches. They're double the length of conventional matches and they ensure, a slow steady burn. Your dad will never burn his hands lighting the braai ever again. R9.99 a box.

The Jet-Setter

Mobile VIP Bags

Whether your dad’s a frequent flyer or a business ballie on the go, Targus’ Mobile VIP series of back packs and top loaders (Buy It Here) are durable and damn stylish. They’re made especially with the working man in mind and come with a laptop compartment that has a Sling Protection suspension system. There are five variations to suit every man – no matter if your dad is a sling bag man, a backpack man or a wheeler bag kind of guy.

Work + Play

The ultimate bag for a Men’s Health man; the Work and Play bag (Buy It Here) is made for professionals with busy and active lifestyles. So your dad can fit his laptop, work accessories and sports gear in one bag. Forget lugging around a bag for every activity. It even comes with a detachable laundry bag and portable washbag and plenty of pockets. Less is more and with Targus the less bags you have, the more you can do.

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Ramsey Roller Suit Bag

Ramsey is a Turkish menswear fashion brand that has just recently come to South Africa. They make trendy and innovative products and the Roller Suit Bag is no different. This bag was made for the travelling dad who needs his suits and jackets to stay unwrinkled and in perfect condition. It’s light and easy to carry, unlike a lot of other suit bags. If your dad is going to spend money on formal wear, you might as well help him keep it looking as good as the day it was bought.  The Ramsey Roller Suit Bag is available at Ramsey, Mall of Africa, shop 1023, level 3 for R2 999.

The Caffeine-Kick King

Dad Mugs

An ode to the classic mug you made your dad in primary school, the dad mugs at Woolworth’s (Buy It Here) are something he would actually be proud to drink out of (no offence). Whether he needs a mug for the office or his night time cuppa on the couch, a dad-themed mug is a warmly-welcomed gift to a coffee lover.

Double Walled Coffee Cups

Class up your dad’s coffee with a set of Humble & Mash’s Double Walled Cappucino Glasses (R229, Buy It Here). There is no handle because the glass is heat-resistant and it’s dishwasher and microwave safe which will make your dad’s coffee clean-up a whole lot easier. Plus, seeing your coffee as you drink it is pretty cool.

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Rosetta World Tour Tasting Bundle

Rosetta Roastery source some of the best coffee from each part of the world and the Rosetta World Tour Tasting Bundle (R420, Buy It Here) exemplifies that. This bundle includes coffee from three of the major coffee-producing continents. Your dad can enjoy a brew from America, Africa and Asia which is guaranteed to be a whole lot better than a cup of instant coffee. It’s a great introduction to coffee if your dad is a beginner and perfect for the coffee-drinker who loves to try new beans and brews.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Sawyer Mini Water Filter

There’s nothing better than drinking the fresh water from nature's pools on your adventures – it just tastes better. But you can never be quite sure what exactly it is that you’re drinking. The Sawyer Mini Water Filter (R689, Buy It Here) cleans out bacteria and contaminants. It can fit in your hand (weighing just over 50g) and has a lifespan of up to 378 000 litres. Your dad can safely slurp away on any camping trip or holiday.

GreenLite Firelighters

Most firelighters are paraffin and petroleum-based which doesn’t take a genius to realise probably isn’t the healthiest for you. The GreenLite Firelighters (R26, Buy It Here) are an earth-friendly way to start a fire so your dad can make a non-toxic braai in the bush (or at home). It’s made from recycled ingredients and clean-burning vegetable oils. Your dad can go green when he’s out in the greenery.

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GSI Outdoors Halulite Microdualist Nesting Cooking Set

Weighing only 510 grams, the Halulite Microdualist Nesting Cooking Set (R 1419, Buy It Here) is the perfect companion for camping, hikes and overnight trails. Your dad will have cooking sorted as this set comes with a cooking pot, a strainer lid, two bowls, two mugs, two sip-it lids, two telescoping foons (a fork/spoon hybrid with and extendable handle), a stove bag, and a welded sink-stuff sack. Your dad will love this kitchen-on-the-go.


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