8 Great Gifts For Dads Into Coffee, Braaing, Travelling Or Fashion

From coffee-drinker dads to master braaiers and fashion-forward jet-setters. These are the best Father's Day gifts you could buy.

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Looking for the best gifts to give this Father’s Day? Keep reading.

Your dad is a real life superhero. He taught you how to ride a bike, how to cook (hopefully) and how to drive. And somehow he did it all even when you drove him absolutely crazy. He spent most of his life raising you so that you could be the man you are today and it’s time to thank him.

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You can’t buy happiness but you sure can buy one of the best gifts he has ever received on Father’s Day and that’s pretty much the same thing. There’s something for every type of man here – we’ve taken the stress out of gift shopping. There’s no need to thank us, just thank your dad this Father’s Day.

Fashion-Forward Father

Beard Boys Beard Grooming Start-Up Kit

Your dad can have his entire grooming routine sorted in one go. He’ll look dapper whether he’s in the boardroom or at the beach. This kit contains everything your dad needs to grow your beard to its full potential.It comes in the signature Spiced Citrus & Sandalwood Variant.

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It features a beard brush, beard soap, beard oil and beard balm.

R 449

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Only & Sons Malcon Skinny Blazer Navy

A navy blazer is one of the most stylish and classic statement pieces your dad could have in his wardrobe. Whether he needs to conquer the boardroom or go to a braai, this piece can be dressed down or up and look appropriate in almost every situation. Black blazers are too stiff, safe and common ­­–the navy blazer is fashionable, stylish and works for every kind of dad.

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if your dad needs a style upgrade or if he is missing this piece from his wardrobe, the JCrew 2 Button Bazer is a winner.

R 1 399

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The Ballie Who Braais

Oryx Desert Salt Braai Shaker

A hunk of braaied meat will always be good, but what takes a braai beginner to a braaimaster is the perfect combination of spices. Oryx’s braai salt will make your dad’s braai meat the tastiest on your block. They’ve taken their famous natural desert salt and blended it with 12 tasty herbs and spices. Plus, it’s MSG-free and contains no artificial flavours, colours or additives.

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This seasoning will spice up your braai meat and veg, with hints of masala, ginger, paprika and more.

R 48

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GreenLite Firelighters

The GreenLite Firelighters are an earth-friendly way to start a fire so your dad can make a non-toxic braai in the bush (or at home). It’s made from recycled ingredients and clean-burning vegetable oils. Your dad can go green when he’s out in the greenery.

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Most firelighters are paraffin and petroleum-based which doesn’t take a genius to realise probably isn’t the healthiest for you.

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The Jet-Setter

Sneaker Lab Premium Kit

If your dad is still rocking sneakers, give him the sneaker spa treatment. Sneaker Lab’s premium shoe care kit comes with a sneaker cleaner, protector, odour protector and brush. He’ll have the shiniest shoes around. (R249, Buy It Here).

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The products come in a compact pouch which makes it perfect for travelling.

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FINO Leather Executive Pilot Case

Whether your dad is flying out to meet with clients or attending a conference, carry-on luggage is definitely an essential. Of course, not all luggages are created equal. A good carry-on bag can make the trip easier with less hassle getting through security, easy access to your laptop to check emails at the gate, and even built-in compartments to safely and securely store your important docs or even a change of clothes.

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Bonus: You can strap it to your check-in size luggage so it won't slip around.

R 1890

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The Caffeine King

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Whether you use it at home or take it with you when you travel, we really believe this is one of the best coffee brewing devices you can own. Whether you use it at home or take it with you when you travel, we really believe this is one of the best coffee brewing devices you can own.

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Make anything from a short, intense espresso shot or a beautifully clean to rich long cup of coffee

R 689

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Nothing But The Truth Coffee Bean Bundle

Truth Coffee now roasts a small selection of single origins, from light & fruity African coffees ideal for pour-overs and other manual brewing methods, to a full-bodied Indian that makes a great single origin espresso. They’ve also added some pretty unique new blends to their range with Deep, Dark & Twisted and Black Honey.

To give you the opportunity to experience the full range of bodies, flavours & acidity profiles, Cape Coffee Beans has put together this special bundle of 6 different blends (include a decaf). Introducing Nothing But The Truth.

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Bonus: if you're buying this bundle as a gift, you can add a Coffee Bean Gift Box to your order and write a gift note on the cart page

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