A Selfie A Week Can Help You Lose Weight! And Here’s The Perfect Phone To Take It With

In partnership with Samsung. Above image by Javi_indy – Freepik.com

Think taking selfies are just for millennials? Think again.

According to a recent Spanish study, taking a full-body photo of yourself once a week could help you shed 2.6 percent of your body weight in four months. For a 90kg guy, that’s 2.3kg. Okay, so it’s not weight loss of epic proportions, but considering all you have to do is snap a pic in your gym’s changing room, we’ll take it! The study details that actually seeing the physical changes on a weekly basis is enough motivation to keep going with the healthy eating and exercise.

Snapping selfies can also help boost your mood, another study from the University of California at Irvine found. The catch? You need to look happy in the selfie – even if you’re faking it. According to the study, seeing yourself smiling can decrease stress hormones like cortisol, so you start to actually feel happier and more relaxed.

With the Samsung Galaxy S8, taking great selfies or any great pics for that matter, is a snap. Here’s why:


  • The dual-pixel sensor technology, wide aperture and fast autofocus of the 12MP F1.7 rear camera work together to create beautiful photographs even in low-light conditions.
  • The 8MP F1.7 front camera has been equipped with enhanced autofocus features and facial recognition technology that can recognise and track faces to provide clear, focused selfies, regardless of the distance between the user and the camera.
  • A filter fundi? Users can enhance their photos by selecting from a variety of filters, including Auto Filter, which automatically selects one optimised for their photo. Animated stickers and stamps can also now be applied to images when taking photos, right from the native camera app.
  • Plus, the camera’s UX has also been optimized for one-handed operation.

And the top notch camera is just the beginning. For more on what the Samsung Galaxy S8 can do, click here.

Samsung – proud sponsors of #MHBeastmode

#MHBeastmode saw hundreds of guys submit their insane moves in the hopes of being crowned the winner. Gerrit van Wyk (aka @Barhobbit) took the spoils, winning himself a Samsung Galazy S7 Edge, Gear VR Headset, Gear 360 camera, and Gear S3 Smart Watch, as well as the opportunity to host a bodyweight masterclass, where a number of future #MHBeastmode hopefuls were put through their paces. Here he is doing his winning move – a 360 degree human flag.


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