The 9 Apps That Will Make Planning Outdoor Adventures And Trips So Much Easier

From hiking to camping, safaris, mountain biking and everything in between – these are the travel apps that ensure you make the most of your adventures.

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We’ve all been there; you arrive at your camping spot two hours from home, unpack your tent and realise there are no tent poles in sight. Or maybe you are just tired of spending your weekends indoors because you don’t know what trails to hit or don’t have the gear. These things can really put a damper on your spirit of adventure, so it’s time you turned to tech to take your travel to the next level.

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These 9 travel apps will make sure you get the gear, you don’t forget it and you make the most of it when you’re on your next adventure:

GoGet Adventure

GoGet Adventure has been hailed as the AirBnB of gear – rent all your adventure gear from local owners at affordable prices, all over South Africa. You no longer have to worry about the exorbitant price of renting gear that seems like it’s catered to tourists rather than locals. Seriously, you can get just about anything; kayaks, motorbikes, bicycles and even Go Pros. This website also allows you to advertise your unused gear that you have lying around your garage collecting dust. Adventure awaits and it’s never been easier than now.

Find out more, list or rent your gear here.


It’s an unfortunate but well-known truth; emergencies happen when you’re on your adventures. There have been a string of violent muggings on hiking trails in recent months, especially in the Western Cape. Having a safety app on your phone and a full charged battery could be what saves your life. Download Namola, a free safety app that allows you to protect yourself. It has GPS technology which means Namola can pinpoint your location and emergency services can reach you faster.

Find out more about this app or download it here.


PackPoint is an app that will ensure you never forget a single thing again. You enter your length of travel, the place you are going, and the activities you want to do whilst you are there. Based on your info and the weather forecast that it pulls from your location, the app will tell you exactly what to pack. Your packing list is then created along with generating it’s own website so you can share it with fellow travelers. Great for when you’re doing a trip with mates.

It’s available for Android and Apple – find out more here.

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Wolfram Alpha Sun Exposure Reference App

If you’re going on an adventure in South Africa, it’s safe to assume you’re going to be spending a good few hours in the sun. And it would be really useful to know how long you can spend in the sun before you start heading into the danger zone. Wolfram Alpha’s Sun Exposure app allows you to enter your personalised details such as your skin type, the date, the time of day, the SPF you have on and where you are. Based on this info, the app will tell you how long you can stay in the sun before you will get burnt. You’ll no longer have to worry about a bad sunburn or sunstroke ruining your trip.

It’s available on iTunes here.

TheTreeApp South Africa

This app is for the real nature lovers who want to identify what trees, fruits and flowers are around them. Alternatively, it could help to identify what dangerous trees you should stay away from if you’re exploring South Africa. You don’t need to be an expert to use this app, as it’s made to be accessible and uses terminology the everyday adventurer will be able to understand. The best part? You need WiFi to download it but after that, the app doesn’t need a data connection. Perfect for when you take your adventures off the grid.

Head to the website to tour the app here or download it on iOS and Android.

Africa: Live

Winner of the Best Travel App in Africa award, Africa: Live is the ultimate safari guide for the adventurers wanting to explore wildlife. The app allows users to view and share wildlife sightings wherever they are. It has an offline maps feature designed by gamepark experts for game viewing. The feature shows sighting hotspots and lets you navigate parks when you don’t have signal. Best bonus? The Phone Ranger field guide which offers over 90 minutes of audio by a leading ranger; you can take yourself on your own game drive.

It’s available on both the App Store and the Play Store. Read more about it here.

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Offline Survival Manual

This app was born out of a morbid necessity; a man couldn’t find a good, free survival guide that would help him survive the current state of our world. The Offline Survival Manual should find it’s way onto your phone right away. It is fully functional when you’re offline (hence the name) which could save your life in an emergency situation. But it’s not just for emergency situations. It’s a great guide to have if you’re in the outdoors a lot. You can learn valuable skills like building a fire and making a shelter as well as basic medical information bites, stings and bone and joint injuries; problems that could very easily arise when you’re on your next adventure. And did we mention it’s free?

Find out more about the extensive guide as well as all of its features here.

Trail Guide South Africa

Whether you’re a hiker, trail runner, mountain biker or all three, the Trail Guide is a must have for taking your active adventures to the next level. Download the app and discover trails that will help you see the best of South Africa’s scenery. There’s something for everyone; you can choose your trails based on length, duration, difficulty and even scenery. Trail Guide has several bonus features; like points of interests around the trail (where to eat and drink) and even where to stay in the area. You’ll get 3 day weather forecasts for the trail as well as equipment lists, emergency contacts and maps of the trails.

Explore more about the Trail Guide app here.

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Sky Guide

Everybody loves stargazing. We haven’t done any concrete research on this one, but we’re pretty certain. Stargazing brings out the inner-child in you. Sky Guide will come in handy on a camping trip, overnight hike or even a date on a city rooftop. Point your phone towards the night sky and the app will automatically adjust your view. This points out stars, planets and constellations that you might be missing or simply aren’t visible to the naked eye. Sky Guide uses some pretty impressive tech, like night vision. It also allows you to add filters and change the brightness so you can increase or decrease the intensity of what you’re seeing through your phone.

Get more information about this stargazing app here.

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