8 Gifts For That Person You Don’t Like

'Tis the season to be passive-aggressive and petty

Kelleigh Korevaar |

It’s THAT season again. The season of forking out cash on gifts for people you don’t actually like. Whether it’s for that annoying colleague you got for Secret Santa or that overbearing distant relative you only see a few times a year, sometimes you just need to speak your mind.

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But for the sake of avoiding a mashed potato-flinging fight across the dinner table, you should probably forego words and say it with one of these 8 presents:

The Original Bike Balls – Scrotally Awesome (R290 at Mantality)

This is for that person who just absolutely loves cycling. Really? They love it all? The chafe, the weird tan and those oddly tight pants that nobody asked for? Give that person the one piece of cycling gear they definitely don’t have yet.

How Not To Be A Dick Book (R285 at Mantality)

Bestow knowledge and expand culture with this useful manual that every man in a pair of boat shoes should own. “How Not To Be A Dick” seems like something that shouldn’t have to be written and yet, here we are.  

Poo Stressball (R95 at Mantality)

You’re sitting around the Christmas table and suddenly that  high-strung, uptight relative starts frantically talking about moving to Australia. Go on Carol, relieve some stress with this.

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Chocolate Edible Anus (R120 at Mantality)

Honestly, this one speaks for itself

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Skull Sugar Spoon (R95 at Mantality)

Ever wanted to spend your money on an impractical gift that the receiver can’t possibly use? Try a sugar spoon with holes in it.

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Dick Mug (R220 at Mantality)

Tired of that colleague who always steals your mug? Send them the message with the gift that keeps on giving… the middle finger.

Up Yours Mug (R220 at Mantality)

Seriously, mugs are great. They’re the perfect combination of “I put no thought into this gift” and “I don’t care to get to know you enough to buy you a personal present”.

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Practical Guide To Racism (R399 at Mantality)

Are you tired of your racist uncle? Yes? So are we.

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