12 Things You Need To Treat Your Beard

Tackle Movember with these beard and moustache essentials.

Kirsten Curtis |

Are you a spear short of being a viking? Do you find it difficult to remember what your chin looks like?

With Movember in motion and Christmas around the corner, here’s a few items to help you embrace and manage your beard.

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1. Beard Boys Dragon Tears Beard Oil

A must-have for any bearded beast out there. Made with honey, clove and amber, The Beard Boys Dragon Tears Beard Oil will keep your facial hair moisturised and looking more glorious than ever. R199 at Zando.co.za

2. Look Me In The Beard Coffee Mug

Tired of having your beard overlooked during daily conversations? Worry no more. Now the everyday mortal will pay extra attention to the majesty of your beard with the help of this coffee mug. R90 at Joburg Beard Company

3. Beardworx Beard Massager

Its more than just a brush – the Beardworx Beard Massager stimulates blood circulation at the root of the hair, encourages hair growth and exfoliates the skin. R55 at Beardworx.co.za

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4. OG Beard Flat Peak Cap

By growing your beard, you have earned the right to wear this cap as you please. R295 at Beardboys.co.za

5. Beardboys Beard Soap

Give your beard extra shine and moisture by using this Beard Soap Citrus Crush by Beard Boys. The formula, is a unique blend of natural vegetable oils and essential oils. It will create a rich creamy lather whilst stimulating hair follicles and leaving your hair softer and thicker. R75 at Zando.co.za

6. Beardworx Beard Balm

A mixture of natural products such as argan oil, coconut oil and shea butter, the Beardworx Beard Balm is there to moisturise your beard and assist hair growth. R220 at beardworx.co.za

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7. Beard Face T-shirt

Do you ever wish your clothes could reflect your personality and your beard? Look no further. R250 at Joburg Beard Company

8. Beard Boys Beard Comb

It’s a comb… for your beard. This wooden comb is gentle on even the most sensitive of skin types, prevents hair from drying out, causes less static and results in shiny and lustrous hair. R69 at Zando.co.za

9. Beardworx Moustache Wax

Wax on, wax off. Mr Miyagi had a beard, right? Beardworx Moustache Wax is made with locally harvested Beeswax, organic Coconut Oil and Eucalyptus, Pine Needle, Sweet Orange essential oils which lends a subtle, slightly sweet but earthy, warm woody aroma. R130 at Beardworx.co.za

10. Beard Boys Pina Colada Beard And Hair Wash

If you’re in the mood for something exotic and fruity, but for your beard, try the Beard Boys Pina Colada Hair Body Wash. R159 at Zando.co.za

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11. Beardworx Trimming Scissors

Every hedge needs a trim at some point. This titanium pair of scissors is designed to accurately shape your beard and moustache. R450 at beardworx.co.za

12. The Gentleman’s Beard Club Beard Softener

If you hate the spiky, prickly feeling of your beard after a good trim you’ll want to invest in this Beard Softener by The Gentleman’s Beard Club. R259 at Zando.co.za

BONUS: Beardworx Grooming Kit

The Beardworx Grooming Kit is the perfect way to treat your beard and makes a great bro-gift. It contains two different beard oils, beard shampoo, beard balm, trimming scissors and a wooden beard brush. R1780 at Beardworx.co.za

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