11 Subscription Boxes Your Dad Will Enjoy Months After Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and relying on the good ol' biltong and tie from the nearest store just isn’t going to cut it.

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Whether you’ve been trying to think of the perfect gift for a while now, you’ve just had that “Oh sh*t, when is Father’s Day?” moment (it’s the 17th of June FYI), or you’re a dad trying to drop hints to your family, this is the best subscription boxes guide for you.

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Subscription boxes are generally just one of the most thoughtful and most enjoyable gifts for three reasons; (1) they are extremely tailored so you won’t be giving a generic gift, (2) they are unusual and interesting which gives the impression you took the time to really think about someone, and (3), the most important one, it’s a gift that keeps on giving (sounds cheesy, but imagine getting a gift of goodies every month?).

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These are a list of some of our favourite subscription boxes you could get your dad, your father-in-law or yourself (just send this link to your family… subtle). There’s something for every kind of dad out there!

The Gin Guy

The Gin Box is South Africa’s first subscription clubs for gin lovers. Every month your dad will get comprehensive distiller’s notes, packed with information about gin, its unique properties, bespoke cocktail recipes, tasting notes, and experimental garnish ideas to bring your drink and glass to life. He'll get a full-size bottle of the finest gin from craft distilleries around South Africa, including exclusive and limited editions. And it comes with a specially selected range of gourmet treats, tonics, cocktail ideas and other goodies to complement each gin.

Their June Gin Box caters especially to those gin-loving dads by featuring KWV Cruxland Gin, awarded Best South African London Dry Gin at World Gin Awards in London 2018. It’s infused with the exotic taste of Kalahari truffle – yes, that’s truffle found only in the Kalahari by ancient tradition. With 9 signature botanicals, KWV’s small batch of premium gin is a double pot distilled London Dry Gin, which is then re-distilled with 100% grape spirits. This month's box also comes with gourmet treats from Winston & Julia Almond Roca and Gracious Bakers Beetroot Crackers. There’s Wolf Cape Dry Tonic, the Gin Box’s own dehydrated grapefruit garnish with star anise, and a Cruxland tot measurer to create the perfect serve of KWV Cruxland Gin. Their box also includes Copper Fox G&T, a 100% natural pre-mixed Gin & Tonic.

Each month is different but it’s always just as good. Get your dad a Gin Box subscription here. The Gin Box cost R650 and you can get it every month, every second month, or every third month.


The Wine Warrior

The Wine Of The Month club is one of the most exclusive and extensive subscription boxes in South Africa and making your wine-loving dad part of their club is the perfect Father’s Day gift. They have a panel of wine experts who taste over 2000 blends every year to find the best wines that suit every budget. All you have to do is choose the wine that he likes, how much you want to spend and where it should be delivered.

The prices vary depending on which club you choose as well as which type of wines you want (red, white, mixed etc.) but expect to pay under R100 a bottle and upwards. You will make his month every month if you subscribe to this box here.

The Brainy Bookworm

If your dad enjoys feeding his brain with info instead of beer or biltong, this mystery monthly “bookish” box is perfect for him. Every month is a different theme which means he will get to read a whole host of different genres and authors. The Book Case “librarians” choose a theme, a highly-anticipated, newly-released book and then 3 – 5 items that tie into that month’s theme. When it arrives at the end of the month, your dad will get to unbox his brainy book and read with pleasure.

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The book cases go for around R480, but you have to act fast because they get sold out very quickly. Take out your next book here.

The Beer Bro

If your dad has always dreamed about being in a league but is more boep than brawn then this is the league for him; The League Of Beers. It’s a curated collection of craft beers that are the latest hits as well as old time favourites. You get to choose the size of the box; get a case of 6, 12 or 24 beers and the box comes with tasting notes for each beer as well as a free online course.

The box starts from R199 a month depending on how many beers you choose. What are you waiting for? Get your dad to down some good quality beer here.

The Fresh-Faced Father

If your dad hates having stubble, or just enjoys investing his time in grooming his beard this is the box for him. The Blades Of Glory box comes with a safety razor, badger brush, shaving soap, aftershave, pre-shave oil and five blades. The great thing is if your beard is sparse and you don’t shave that often you can choose to get the refresher every two months instead of every month. It’s one of the best boxes for value for money, the safety razor is sturdy and the oil and after-shave smell amazing.

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For R169, it’s a total bargain. Get it here.

The Whisky Whiz

This mystery box is delivered to your door every month and contains one – three bottles. It is curated by Bottle Shop, a top online alcohol store, and they select some of the finest single malt and blended whiskies they can get their hands on for each month. It’s great for experienced whisky drinkers and well as those looking to get into it. For the experienced drinkers, it’s a chance for them to expand their horizons and try whisky they wouldn’t think of buying and the newbies get to try a whole lot of different whiskys, learn to love it and find their favourite.

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The subscription costs R1000 per month, but you save more money the more months you pay upfront for. Get your whisky mystery box here.

The Tea Treasurer

Tealyst promises a cup of tea a day for an entire month which each box containing enough for around 30 cups of tea. They source and send four premium teas including tea tubes, tea pouches, a detailed tea card, surprise gift and a whole lot more. Perfect for the dad who likes to sit back, relax and sip on a flavour-filled cuppa every single day.

Get your hands on a Tealyst tea box for R269 a month, here.

The Pet Pops

Some dads care about their kids more than they do themselves (we’re not talking about you), we’re talking about their furry kids. Boxie is perfect for the no-fuss father who loves to spoil his pets. All you have to do is choose how often you want to receive the box and then answer a few questions about your dog or cat and they will hand-tailor the box to meet your pet’s needs. You never have to worry about getting a Jack Russell-sized goodie for a Great Dane.

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Get your Boxie box for between R280 and R320 here.

The Men’s Health Man

If you’re reading this it means you must live Men’s Health, so why not get your dad in on it, too. Whether he has read Men’s Health for years or he hasn’t, our pages are packed full of information on how to be a better man. There’s something for every man between the pages. Gift him a subscription to the magazine and send him a copy in the mail for only R303 for 12 months or send it straight to his computer and get him the digital magazine which is available for R26 a month. (That's a saving of 50%!)

Get a subscription for you dad here and while you’re at it, if you don’t have one already, get yourself one too.

The Macho Man Crate

This isn’t your everyday subscription box, it’s actually a once-off man crate but it’s so great we thought it deserved a mention. There are 18 different boxes for every different dad, seriously, every dad. We’re talking a Fifty Shades of Grey-inspired crate, a new dad crate, a survival man crate, a cognac and cigar crate, a meaty man crate, a braai man crate, a chilli lovers crate, metro man crate, a golfers crate, a camping crate, a fisherman’s crate, a hunter’s crate and everything in between. So if you can’t find something here that fits your father, we’re sorry but we can’t help you out here.

The man crates range from R800 – R1800 but these once off boxes are packed full with premium items. Get the man crates here.

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These 10 subscription boxes meet the needs of every man, whether you’re a new dad, a tea lover or a bookworm. We did the hard work so you could do the easy shopping. You’re guaranteed to impress when one of these shows up on your dad’s doorstep. After all, he deserves it. He raised you to be the great man you are today.

Make sure to check out our June issue which is dedicated to all the great dad’s in the world. It our Father’s Day special which has a gear gift guide, a style guide for dressing like a fashionable dad, some inspiring stories and more. It’s in stores now. We recommend you pick up a copy to go with one of these boxes or better yet, outdo yourself and gift him the Men’s Health magazine subscription, too (we promise, it’s not the bias in us talking).

The Coffee Connoisseur

Let’s be honest, coffee is what gets a lot of us through the day and most dads are no different. Whether he gulps the goodness straight down or savours each sip, gifting him a subscription to The Monthly Grind will go down smoother than a good cup of coffee. They’ve got an option for every coffee cherisher; ground beans, roasted beans or coffee pods. They’ve got some of the best brands South Africa has to offer.

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Wake up and smell the coffee! This is the ultimate gift for a coffee lover. These boxes start at R245 a month – get it here.


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