Your Cheat Sheet To Instantly Start Eating Healthier (And Staying Leaner)

Your health cheat sheet just arrived. Fix yourself yourself a fruit smoothie and find out where to get the best nutrition

Your health cheat sheet for eating healthier and staying lean just arrived.

Fix yourself yourself a fruit smoothie and find out where to get the best nutrition below:

Go On A Blender

Time to load your secret nutritional weapon: the blender. When Penn State researchers sneaked puréed vegetables into meals, study participants cut their kilojoule intake by up to 11% daily and raised their daily vegetable intake by up to 80%. Vegetables can fill you up with fewer kilojoules, the researchers say. Stir cooked gem squash purée into mac ‘n cheese, or add cooked cauliflower purée to risotto.

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Pecans Can Help

Crunch these numbers: about ¾ cup of pecans can lower one form of LDL (bad) cholesterol by up to 33% soon after you eat them, a Loma Linda University study found. The scientists think antioxidants called gamma- Tocopherols – present in high levels in pecans – help lower oxidised LDL, a harmful form of LDL that can lead to arterial inflammation. Eating pecans regularly may lower total cholesterol, similar studies show. Keep a jar desk-side.

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Coffee Tweak

A lot of caffeine may make a bad meal even worse. A Canadian study showed that participants who consumed a high-fat, highcarb test meal and about 2½ cups of regular coffee, had blood-sugar levels 32% higher for eight hours afterwards than for those who drank decaf. Caffeine may disrupt glucose processing, elevating blood sugar. Habitual elevations may increase diabetes risk. So hold on the refills.

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The Real Mccoy

Antioxidants can be found from a number of sources. But recent Harvard studies (that measured the amount of antioxidants from a mix of food, drink and supplements), found that the supplement forms of vitamins C and E don’t confer the same benefit as food-based sources. Stick with the real stuff.

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Corn On The Cob

Why it’s healthy: A medium mielie has just 368kJ and is rich in both carotenoids, antioxidants that may help reduce certain types of cancer. This summertime staple packs more nutrients than you think.

How To Eat It: Stop boiling them. Toss them under a grill or pop them on the braai, and avoid the creamy potato salad and garlic bread.

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