Why Bacon Smells So Good

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We all love it! (Vegans maybe not so much and the Hipsters tried to ruin it) But the wonderful joy that is bacon doesn’t only start when you put the crispy meat into your mouth but actually when we are awoken to the smell of it sizzling away in the pan. The aroma hits you hard and drags your lifeless body out of bed. But why does it smell so good?

Science proves that the magical scent combines 150 organic compounds. As it becomes heated certain sugars and amino acids undergo Maillard reactions. A Maillard reaction happens in anything you cook that turns brown like steaks or bread for example. The Maillard reactions then combine with the melting fats to create these aroma compounds. About two thirds of the compounds are simple hydrogen and carbon atoms bonding together in thousands of ways of which some give of the pleasant aroma. Other compounds have oxygen in them but the greatest smelling aromas can stem from the nitrogen atoms that are released when bacon is being cooked as they combine with the other aroma compounds.

Nothing in the universe truly compares to the smell of crispy bacon in the morning, at lunch, heck whenever you smell it!

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