Whiskey To Infinity and Beyond

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With a lot of cool things taking place in space lately, this has definitely been the coolest idea yet by humans to “age some Japanese whisky in space.”

The Japanese never disappoints when it comes to outrageous ideas or products, not to long ago we featured an article about their ‘Hand Job Day’ and its hero called ‘Tengaman’.

Here is one for all the whiskey lovers as the well-known Japanese brewing and distilling company, Suntory Holdings Ltd. will be sending six of their best flasks aboard the International Space Station.

It will be sent aboard the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s transfer vehicle called ‘Kounotari’, where the bottles will spend a year or two floating around aboard the International Space Station.

The whiskey’s that will be sent is 10-, 18- and 21-year old whiskies along with other varied spirits. If you happen to be an aficionado of whiskey then you will have heard of Suntory, as its Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 was dubbed the best in the world by the illustrious Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2015.

Once the alcohol returns to Earth safely, research will be conducted and studies will aim to find out if the zero gravity of space has an effect on the aging process or not. Spokespeople at Suntory have said that “because of the constant temperature and minimal liquid movement that zero gravity provides, the whisky should come back with a much mellower taste.”

However, I am sad to inform you that Suntory has made no plans for the whiskey to be consumed once it’s returned as well as no current plans to include the findings from the research into their commercial line.

Suntory, has definitely come up with a concept that many other breweries or distilleries will be watching closely as to see what zero- gravity does and if they should follow suit. We could see ‘“space-cold” beers and stratosphere-reserve malts’, until then, lets enjoy the Earth- based whiskies and alcohol.

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Alice Paulse