We’ve Cracked Steers’ Menu. Here’s What To Order Tonight

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Feel like takeout without the guilt trip? Yes, it is possible to enjoy the convenience of fast food without flame-grilling your gains.

1. Kill Combos

A large King Steer combo meal provides almost a full day’s recommended energy intake for most guys – so upsizing on top of that is just unnecessary. A side of chips and drink adds 1 500 kJ to your meal – or up to 3200kJ when you upsize. Stay strong when the cashier recommends the combo.

2. Put Sauce On The Side

Sauces add extra (mostly unnecessary) kilojoules and salt, neither of which is ideal – but some of them are also sources of MSG, tartrazine, sulphites, soya and some common allergens too. Ask for yours on the side, and use it as a dip – and for best results, stick to tomato or chilli.

3. Run Your Own Numbers

On the face of it, the Better For You options seem legit: swapping your drinks for water, or choosing a green salad instead of greasy chips, these are great choices. Just be aware that half a chicken is going to match the kilojoules and fat of a King Steer Burger – so it’s not necessarily better for you.

4. Beware Unnecessary Kilojoules

If you think that by skipping the meat you’re skimping on cost and kilojoules, wait up. Veggie burgers provide a very similar kilojoule and fat content – plus a lot more carbs and salt, and less protein – when compared to most of their chicken or beef counterparts.

5. Keep Salt To A Single Serving

The DRI for sodium is less than 2 400 mg/ day. Most speciality burgers provide between 50 to 100% of that. If salt is an issue in your health needs then tread carefully here – opt for the Prince Beef Burger or good old Steer Burger, both of which go easier on the stuff.

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