5 Types of Cocktail Glasses Every Man Needs For Their Home Bar

Our guide for retiring that branded beer glass and upping the cool factor

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Bourbon, scotch or cognac are what you can expect to find in the hands of  the envy-evoking elite of invite-only clubs and luxurious man-caves. But what makes these men ooze cool isn’t what they’re drinking, it’s what they’re drinking from. 

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Whether your glass is half full or empty, the state of your glass matters. But we’re not about to suggest you stock your bar with a plethora of different cocktail glasses that are only used for a single cocktail. We’ve cheated the system to find your six cocktail glasses that can be used for whatever you’re pouring while still making you look like you might be a mixologist.

Here’s our guide for retiring that branded beer glass and upping the cool factor.

1. The Highball Glass

Highball glasses are mostly used for drinks that call for a lot of non-alcoholic mixer and are poured over ice. This is the glass the bartenders tend to use the most.

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2. The Cocktail Glass

You can’t have a home bar without the classic cocktail glass. This is used to serve cocktails that don’t contain any ice. Shake all your ingredients in a cocktail with ice to chill the cocktail down and then pour it into the cocktail glass. Delicious!

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3. The Copper Mug

Of course, there’s the signature of the age-old Moscow Mule, the copper mug, which is branching out. But it’s not because of its aesthetic – the copper takes to the ice, creating a much cooler, refreshing drink and there are rumours that it enhances the drinks’ flavour, too. Sure, you could skip this one, but it’s the real show stopper amongst these cocktail glasses so why would you want to?

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4. The Coupe Glass

For your James Bond martinis, the coupe glass has officially dethroned the martini glass. But why would you want it? Well, the long stem means your hand won’t warm up the cocktail.

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Best part about this? You can even serve dessert in it if you want to get creative!

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5. The Double Rocks Glass

Lastly, your bar isn’t complete without a double rocks glass, and if you’re only going to get one of these cocktail glasses, this is the one. The double rocks glass is slightly bigger than a single rocks glass, meaning it works for most cocktails.

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This is the perfect glass to serve an Old Fashioned in.

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