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Fibre has firepower: a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a fibre-rich diet could protect you from kidney cancer. People on a high-fibre 
diet (about 17 grams 
per 4 180kJ) had a 19% decrease in kidney cancer risk compared with those who took in the least. 
Fibre may prevent cancer-causing toxins from reaching your kidneys via your intestines, the study reports. Go with the USDA recommendation: 38g of dietary fibre a day.

Just Plain Good
Fibre isn’t all grains and greens. White vegetables are also rich in dietary fibre, plus potassium and magnesium. Grab more grams of fibre by eating these foods:

1 large baked, skin on – 6g
1 small head, raw – 5g
1 cup, boiled & mashed – 5g
1 cup – 4g
Parsnips: 1 cup sliced, boiled – 6g