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Tuna is a protein-packed muscle food. Too bad it reeks of boredom. Upgrade from cat food to one of these flavour-packed picks.

Fresh tuna, skinless and deboned
Yellowfin (Thunnus albacares), available at Woolworths, is a firm, dense meat and mild in flavour. If locally captured with a tuna pole, this tuna falls onto the green SASSI (The South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative) list.

top tuna

PnP No Name light meat shredded tuna in salt water
A great pantry stocker, this clean tasting tuna had the lowest sodium content out of eight tunas found on shelf and it had the highest omega-3 content too.

john west tuna

John West light meat solid tuna in salt water
Contains skipjack tuna and has a ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids of 1.3:1, close to the ideal ratio of 1:1, as thought to have been eaten by Palaeolithic man.

Saldanha tuna

Saldanha flaked light meat tuna in vegetable oil
This tuna is packed in soybean oil, which adds more heart-healthy omega-3 oils. Great for stir-fries or a workday salad.

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