Thicker Muscles with Pea Protein

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An extra 25 grams of protein supplements like whey protein and pea protein have been found to increase bicep muscle thickness. This comes from a study that focused on the correlation resistance training and the impact it has when combined with oral supplementation on your muscle thickness and strength.

The study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition observed 161 men between the ages of 18 and 35 during a 12-week study where they underwent resistance training on their upper limb muscles (biceps) and either took 25g of pea protein, or whey protein or a placebo twice a day during the 12 weeks. Tests were performed on their muscles and the thickness was evaluated as well as strength.

The study found that muscle thickness increased in all protein and placebo groups but the largest gains were found in the pea protein group followed by the whey protein group and then placebo group. Muscle strength also saw a slight increase in the protein groups compared to the placebo group.

This can show that everyone especially those who have allergies to animal protein and or are vegetarians can use pea protein supplements as an alternative to whey based dietary products.

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