The Truth About Portion Sizes

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Are you underestimating (or overestimating) your intake? Be wary of guestimating your portion sizes. Karlien Smit, registered dietician, shows you how to get a good idea of how much you’re eating.

(These serving sizes might need to be adjusted according to body composition goals, age, activity level and medical history.)

Serve Yourself

90g red meat/ poultry/ fish = deck of playing cards
Medium apple/ pear (150g) = tennis ball/ cricket ball or 2 small golf balls
30g cheese = small matchbox
1/2 cup pasta/ rice/ vegetables = computer mouse or tennis ball
30g/ 2tbsp nuts or sweets = one handful (closed hand) or shot glass
medium potato (~90g) = computer mouse
1 biscuit (15g) = bath plug
250ml cereal (1 cup) = tight fist
30g dried fruit = golf ball
5ml butter (1 tsp) = thumb tip
1 muffin = doorknob
pancake = CD
bread roll = palm size

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