The Top 6 Healthy Takeaways And Cafés In South Africa

It’s tough to be healthy when time-constrained, tight-budgeted and living in a country that considers melk tert a viable and healthy source of getting calcium.

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It’s tough to be healthy when time-constrained, tight-budgeted and living in a country that considers melk tert a viable and healthy source of getting calcium. So it’s no wonder most of our cafés and takeaway places are either foreign franchises or have a menu that looks like each meal has been dipped in a vat of grease and oil. Whilst these restaurants do take up a vast majority and might seem like the only option that is easy on the pocket and on the clock, they are not.

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Here are our top #6 healthy, fresh and budget-friendly takeaways and cafés all over the country:

#1: The Fresch Food Fundi

Cape Town’s hip healthy joint, Fresch Foods, is ideal for a quick hearty fix. Whether it’s a smoothie, a salad, a bagel or bowl, Fresch Foods only uses ingredients that make their patrons feel good without the hefty price tag.

It’s number #1 because their products are free from GMO’s, additives, preservatives, artificial colourants and flavourants, the packaging they use is bio-degradable and their food waste is turned into compost and fed back into the soil. Plus, Adam Reilly (the founder) was making the smoothie bowl before it was cool, and we love trend setters.

What we recommend: Breakfast? Start the day with some guilt-free chocolate; try the Choco Deluxe smoothie or smoothie bowl. Snack? Try The Classic Bagel. Meal? The Quinoa 1 as a salad or a wrap is a must. Drink? Down some of their Kombucha. Treat? Their Signature smoothie bowl Piesang Power is a fan favourite.

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#2: The Convenience Store

Health nuts of Cape Town, Joburg and Pretoria can do their shopping at the same time as their smoothie is being blitzed at Wellness Warehouse’s Wellness Cafés.

It’s number #2 because of the convenience of ordering your healthy takeaway whilst shopping to stock up your pantry with green goodness. The Wellness Café can be found in selected stores and uses the same top quality ingredients that they sell.

What we recommend: Looking for a deliscious drink? Try the Matcha Latte (pictured above). Juice? The Fatigue Fighter will wake you right up. Lunch? The Espresso Nut Butter is a signature smoothie bowl that customers love. Shot? Knock back the Invincible, the perfect flu fighter. Feeling peckish? Their treats are guilt-free; try the Millionaire Shortcake Slab.

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#3: The Loyal Friend

The go-to industry-standard for healthy takeaway, Kauai came to South Africa in 1996 and now has over 150 stores nationwide.

It’s number #3 because it’s probably your most widespread and easily accessible healthy fast food option. They’ve also recently revamped their menu so that every meal and drink is the most nutritious and nourishing they can offer.

What we recommend: Breakfast? Start your day the right way with the Sunrise Unwrapped. Lunch? The Asian Rainbow Bowl (pictured above) is high fibre, low GI carb and nutrient-rich. Feelin peckish? Try the Cappuccino Dark Chocolate Coated Bar; one of their new gluten-free, non-GMO whey protein bars.

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#4: The Not-So Nü Kid On The Block

Scattered around the country, Nü Health Food Café specializes in locally sourced produce and providing their diners with wholesome meals.

It’s number #4 because of the focus on knowing where your ingredients come from; local farms and family businesses. Their website allows you to click on their ingredients and find out what they are made up of and where they come from. We’re all for conscious consumption!

What we recommend: Breakfast?  The Spicy Bean Omelette (pictured above) has plenty fibre, which is great for gut health. Lunch? The Rainbow Pad Thai Salad is loaded with veggies, healthy fats and plant protein. Post-Workout? Try the Strawberry Whip Smoothie; it’s made with whey protein that’s sourced from grass-fed cows.

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#5: The Cover Guy Goodness

The Digs Kitchen isn’t the typical healthy café inspired by someone barefoot with a yoga mat in one hand and a packet of cacoa nibs in the other. It was started by two young guys who lived in digs together, one of them was even one of our Top 10 Cover Guy finalists in 2017, Talton Cooke.

It’s number #5 because, along with a sit down café, they cater to those who really need to grab and go by constantly having a fridge stocked with assorted healthy meals ready for you to munch on the move. It’s located at the historical Lion Match factory so you can see some of Durban’s history while your 5-a-day is being juiced.

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#6: The Money Kruncher

This Joburg gem, Krunch, is your saving grace when you enter the lion’s den that is food courts in shopping centres. They are the healthy haven you can escape to whether you’re at home, at work or out shopping.

It’s number #6 because in a sea of greasy franchises this local café stands out. They aim to give their customers more than they expect for less than they expect. You get more munch for less moola, what’s not to love about that?


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