The Tastiest Forearm Workout

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Grind It Out
For tastier, juicier, more buttery burgers, grind your own 
beef. It’s a forearm workout too.

These four steps will help you to perfect our best beef burger recipe.

1. Pick Up the Hardware
You don’t need to spring for an electric grinder. Look for a hand-crank one with a wide mouth and a low profile for better leverage. We like the solid construction of the Gefu Cast Iron Meat Mincer (R830, YuppieChef.)

2. Buy Better Beef
Use well-marbled grass-fed beef at a 4-to-1 ratio of chuck to top sirloin. The chuck comes from the cow’s shoulder and has an intense flavour. Tender sirloin sits at the hip and tastes earthy. For six 220g patties, buy 1.5kg of beef: 1.2kg chuck, 300g sirloin.

3. Chill, Son
Cut your beef into 2cm cubes, trimming off any gristle, and place on a baking sheet. Transfer to the freezer, along with the grinder parts, until the corners 
of the meat stiffen, 10 to 15 
minutes. Keeping the meat cold will prevent it from breaking down during grinding.

4. Hit the Grind
Push the meat through the grinder three times, beginning with the coarsest grind (usually 1cm or less) and then using the fine plate twice. Between each step, remove the grinder plate and place it in the freezer with the beef to re-chill. It’s well worth the work.

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