The Best Foods For Your 20s

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“Eating and drinking habits developed in your twenties are key contributions to your health pension,” says nutritional therapist Stephanie Ridley.

Yes, the beauty of this age is the ability to escape the kebab shop unscathed, but smart men know where to draw the line. Three dietary must-haves will put you on the right course: calcium, zinc and L-carnitine.

Bone density continues to develop until the age of 30, so Ridley recommends calcium-rich foods such as almonds, sardines and broccoli. Whether you want kids now or in 10 years’ time, zinc in your diet through ginger, Brazil nuts and seafood will ensure you maintain healthy sperm. And L-carnitine, found in all meats, is crucial to help your body keep a desirable muscle-to-body-fat ratio, whatever you throw at it.

A quick word on alcohol. You don’t need us to warn you of its multiple disadvantages, we’re here to help you get away with it. The links between alcohol and liver disease are plain, “but the liver is adept at repairing and regenerating itself,” says Professor Humphrey Hodgson, trustee of the British Liver Trust. Taking three-day detox breaks between drinks should give it ample time to recover.


High calcium content will up bone density which continues to develop until you’re 30


Their high zinc and selenium content will bolster sperm production for a healthier future


Its creatine will boost muscle building, while its L-carnitine balances your muscle-to-fat ratio

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