Snack On Nuts Not Sweets

Men's Health |

Here’s something to be afraid of: all those sweets you inhale this time of year could expand your waistline.

In a recent Swedish study, one group of people snacked on 6 120 kilojoules worth of non-chocolate sweets every day while another group ate the same amount of peanuts. After two weeks, only the sweet eaters showed significant increases in body weight and waist size. They also developed higher insulin and C-peptide levels, signs of insulin resistance. The peanut eaters, on the other hand, saw a boost in resting metabolism. “Unlike the sugar in sweets, the fatty acids in peanuts elevate metabolism, protecting against weight gain and its consequences in the body,” says study co-author Dr Fredrik Nyström. So if you indulge on Halloween, just refill the bowl with dry-roasted peanuts.

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