Reinvent Your Spice Rack

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Premixed spice blends often overdo the salt to compensate 
for a lack of flavour. Instead, make your own range of versatile 
spice blends from jars you probably already have in your pantry.

Blend A
cumin X coriander X turmeric
Use it: For stir-fried prawns or to season fish for Mexican fare

Blend B
turmeric x cayenne pepper x paprika
Use it: As a rub 
for roast chicken, or to sprinkle on top of pork chops

Blend C
cumin x coriander x cayenne pepper
Use it: As a DIY seasoning mix for chilli, or on sautéed onions for burgers

Blend D
cumin x coriander x cinnamon
Use it: To season lamb burgers, rice, and couscous dishes

Blend E
cumin x coriander x paprika
Use it: As a dry rub for ribs or a seasoning for roasted vegetables

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