This Is Exactly How To Make A Margarita Cocktail Yourself, And It’s Healthy

As the heat rises, use this Margarita Recipe to cool down with your own batch – fuelled by tart, fresh-squeezed juice

Cocktails from chain restaurants are just glorified booze slushies. As the heat rises, cool down with your own batch – fuelled by tart, fresh-squeezed juice

Start Fresh

Squeeze your own limes. Their bright flavour is essential to a real margarita, a citrus juicer makes quick work of the task.

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Then, in a blender, add 60ml tequila, 60ml Cointreau, 75ml lime juice (freshly squeezed), 30ml simple syrup (turn the page for ideas), and 1 cup ice.

Add Some Horsepower!

Blend thoroughly, until the ice breaks into uniform pieces and the drink turns slushy. Then taste and tweak, adding more alcohol, lime juice or syrup as needed.

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Pour the drink into a goblet or margarita glass – rimmed with coarse or kosher salt if you want – and garnish with a lime wedge.

Prep Smart

To make your margaritas ahead of time, just stir up a batch of the mix and leave out the ice.

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Chill until ready to serve; then blend equal parts mix and ice.

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