The Ultimate Game-Day Dip Ahead Of The 2019 Rugby World Cup

This one's a keeper with the RWC coming up.

If you think it’s only about the game, then you’re wrong. It’s as much about the snacks as it is about the score so you better step up your game and deliver the delicious goods. This dip will get you there, dive on in.

1. Fresh 

Go wild with toppings like shredded cheddar, diced tomato, diced onion, fresh coriander and diced jalapeño. One must-have is shredded iceberg lettuce. It gives the dip a crisp, fresh pop.

2. Tangy

Keep the toppings in place with either sour cream or Greek yoghurt. Slather it on and, if you want, top it with Dady’s secret weapon: ranch dressing powder.

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3. Buttery

Ripe avocados will stand out from the texture of the cream cheese and beans. Add thin slices of ripe avo as a middle layer. This will also support the ingredients that go on top.

4. Savoury

Raid your supermarket’s Mexican aisle for refried black beans. Unlike traditional refried kidneys. They taste much better cold.

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5. Creamy

You want a strong base that won’t get soggy. Go with whipped cream cheese, which is more dippable (and lower in calories) than the regular kind.

Top Tips:

Your Bargaining Chips: Nothing screws up a good dip like a bad chip. Serve yours with hardy corn nachos or wavy Simba chips. Ridges and cup-like shapes help you get the bite to your mouth without a knock-on.

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2. You’ll Probably Want A Beer With That: You could pop a lime in the neck of a light beer and call it a day, but a Belgian white beer is the power pair-up you’re really after. The bitterness is a satisfying contrast to every crunch mouthful. Our pick: Hoegaarden Belgian Beer. 

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